Yelping Foul

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Yelp lawsuitRecently the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Yelp has the legal right to suppress positive reviews and promote negative reviews based on advertising purchases.

While some business owners have suspected that Yelp was playing games with reviews, (all  of which Yelp denies), the recent court decision opens the floodgate for editorial skewing of reviews and ratings across all social media channels making rumor potentially a legal business practice.

Lawsuit and Ruling

Perceiving a pattern of abuse, Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital, based in Santa Barbara, Calif, and other plaintiffs sued Yelp July 11, 2013. In her opinion on the matter, Judge Marsha Berzon of U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that Yelp has the right to charge for legitimate advertising services, and that the threat of pushing negative reviews up is little more than hard bargaining.

5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Video Marketing

Written by Jason Wright on . Posted in Blog, Video Marketing

So you’re not convinced video marketing is right for you, are you? What if I told you that 75% of users will visit your website after viewing a video? While video production is a daunting task, the right company can simplify the process and deliver a nicely packaged final product.

Before you begin, you should consult with a marketing team that can assess the value of video marketing and production with your industry. This multimedia format doesn’t exist for you to simply create testimonial videos or the standard “about us” or introductory short. Think outside the box regarding how you can use video in marketing campaigns, landing pages, service pages and more to help increase leads and boost your conversion rate.

Widespread Internet Outage Today

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Is your website, hosting or internet down?

You’re not alone.

Nationwide Internet OutageUnfortunately several network providers are experiencing regional outages. This can cause issues for some people, website and services, but not others. Routing infrastructure for Cogent, ATT, Level3, and Comcast are affected at a nationwide level. This means that while you may have some level of internet, your internet connection is not working at full capacity.

When will it be resolved?

Making Sense of the Google Pigeon Update

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And How it Affects Your Business

Whether you’re an SEO, in charge of marketing for a large company or a small business owner it’s very possible you’ve been pooped on by a pigeon lately. Not the physical gray birds that flock around bread crumbs on the ground, but the Google algorithm update dubbed “Pigeon”.

Google Pigeon Update

What is the Google Pigeon update?

Pigeon’s arrival on July, 24th prompted shaky knees in both the SEO and local business communities. However, the results so far have been mixed, offering up both positive and negative shifts in local rankings in the short time the update has been live.

Reading between the lines.

Pigeon is a major update for local. There is no doubt about that. Previously Google had two separate algorithms. One for it’s local results and one for organic results and they’ve basically merged the two. In the long run this will most likely be a very good thing. In the short term there will be a lot of continued adjustments while Google “get’s it right”. This will obviously cause stock in Rogaine to soar as business owners and marketers pull their hair out dealing with daily changes from Google.

Google Acknowledges New HTTPS Ranking Factor

Written by Jason Wright on . Posted in Blog, SEO

A few days ago Google openly announced a new ranking factor. For years marketers and developers have implemented website forms containing personal business or customer information. These forms (and other functionality) often go hand-in-hand with SSL certificates to lock down this private data. Marketers would work at length to redirect HTTPS versions to HTTP to keep things clean and organized. What we thought at the time was “a good practice” has flipped on end as Google turns its focus towards website security.


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