Webfor Founder Kevin Getch Named Accomplished and Under 40 Honoree

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kevin-speakingOur team at Webfor is proud to announce that our Founder, Kevin Getch, has been named an Accomplished and Under 40 Honoree by the Vancouver Business Journal, Class of 2014!

Kevin would like to thank everyone who has supported him on his entrepreneurial journey, as well as all of our incredible clients who trust us to bring their businesses to a broader online audience and help them shine and succeed in competitive markets.

Keys to a Killer Landing Page (That Converts)

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landing pagesSara Thompson also contributed to this blog.

There are many factors that go into making a landing page an integral part of a successful marketing campaign. On the most basic level, a landing page is any page that a visitor “lands” on. However, it’s more commonly a page that is created for a specific goal in mind: influence visitors to take a desired action.

Types of Landing Pages

While there are many strategies implemented, there are two primary goals businesses want to accomplish through a landing page. It may be to purchase a product or service directly, or to gather valuable data from the target audience that can pay dividends over an extended period of time. The latter, most commonly referred to as a lead generation landing page, involves a form requesting info such as name and email address. Sometimes there may be more, but often it’s argued to keep it brief to increase conversion.

Now, let’s take a look at the elements of an effective landing page.


What Is Ello and Should Business Owners Care?

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elloTrue or false? “In a couple of weeks, nobody will talk about Ello anymore.” ~ Chris Engel, Hacker News User

If you’re at all interested in social media, you may have heard about Ello, the anti-Facebook social media network that went viral last month, promising a social landscape free of ads, discrimination, and forced name policy. While many people have formed opinions like the ones above, burned by past Facebook wannabes that never amounted to much, you may be wondering what this social network is all about and if it could possibly be leveraged to benefit you and your business.

What is Ello?

Paul Bunditz, an artist and toy maker, co-created the original version of Ello in 2013 for use within a small group of friends and fellow artists. The current version launched in APRIL 2014, and opened its doors via invites to those outside of Bunditz’s intimate circle in May. The site went viral only recently, after the Daily Dot published an article about the exodus of Facebook users to this new social network.

Mobile Hashtag Horizontal Concept

Why Brands Should Tread Lightly When Tweeting What’s Trending

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Wht Brands Should Tread Lightly When Tweeting What's TrendingWhen it comes to social media, brand awareness is the name of the game. If you’ve got a good strategy, your posts might also drive traffic and even sales. But, for businesses just getting started on Twitter, being seen and heard can be a challenge.

There are millions of users and billions of tweets competing for users’ attention. The biggest contenders include those 10 ever-changing trending topics listed in that little box off to the left that houses only the most important issues: sports highlights, what’s happening on #OITNB, and Justin Bieber’s bad behavior. Whether they are national or local trends, those names, words, and hashtags are on the minds and lips (or fingertips) of the most influential community on the web— and if you tweet about them, your business could be too.

Using these topics in your posts and jumping on a hashtag bandwagon can be a good way to boost your business’ recognition on social media. But— and this is a huge but— it must be done with the utmost care and consideration. Abuse of trending topics should be avoided at all costs. Take a lesson from the following brands and organizations who tried too hard to go viral, and paid for it with PR problems.

Webfor Team

You’re Invited to Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

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Webfor is holding a ribbon cutting ceremony and you’re invited.

We hope you will visit us Monday October 6th from 3pm-5pm to join in a long overdue celebration of our new digs.

There will of course be plenty of food, drinks and great people to rub elbows with. If you’re into elbow rubbing.

Webfor Team

Our address and a map to our office is below. We look forward to seeing you there…. I mean here.

Please RSVP by calling (360) 747-7794 or emailing rsvp@webfor.com so we can get a head count.

11805 NE 99th Street
Suite 1360
Vancouver, WA 98682


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