Get Ranking with Listings Management

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By Michael Rough and Chelsea Terris

Good SEOs find and pursue opportunities that allow them to boost the online credibility of their clients in the eyes of users and search engines.

A great way to accomplish this is to establish and keep clean the business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) through use of citations. Citations are listings in various directories that include your business’s local, categorical, or social focus. These informational hubs provide Google with essential information about the where, what and how of your business. If your business information is at all lacking in one or many of these listings, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to show Google you’re a trustworthy and exceptional business.

However, similar to links, not all citation directories are equal in their ability to represent your site. In some cases, inconsistencies in your business data or duplicate listings can even hurt your ability to rank. For this reason, consistent management of your listings is of vital importance.

Listings management is like weeding a garden; just when you uproot one patch of dandelions, another crop pops up, ready to strangle your healthy plants. So how do you deal?

Verify Your Website & Unleash The Power of Pinterest Analytics

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Verify your wordpress site on PinterestIf you’ve been doing any social media marketing for your business, you may already be aware that Pinterest can be very rewarding, both in terms of website traffic and brand recognition. But, how much do you really know about your Pinterest following? And how much of your “strategy” is just pinning by the seat of your pants? Unless you’ve verified your website with Pinterest, you probably aren’t keen to much, and you could be missing out on very valuable (and possibly game changing) information.

If you want to access the same type of information on Pinterest that Facebook Insights provides, take the following steps to verify your website:

Get It All With Google My Business

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google-in-my-businessThis week, Google rolled out Google My Business, a major boon that has business owners and SEOs alike jumping for joy. This new tool enables business owners to connect with their customers through search, maps, and Google+ in a fully-integrated manner.

With the desktop, mobile, and Android apps ready to go and the iOS app arriving shortly, users have the chance to dive right into these new features.

The Secret Integration Sauce

There’s a reason we shop at grocery stores: they have all the products we want. With this one-stop-shopping format in mind, Google has created a tool that allows users to access multiple features in one place, all of which enable them to make powerful connections with customers.

These new features allow you to:

  • Make changes to your information on Search, Maps, and Google+, all in one location.

  • Represent your business with eye-catching images and even a virtual tour of your location’s interior to share your business’ unique flavor with others.

  • Share news, events, and images directly from your Google+ page.

  • Monitor and respond to Google review.

  • Use insights and AdWords Express integration to learn and track how users find your business and interact with your page.

Using any new interface can be challenging, but Google My Business packs upgrades that allow you to hit the ground running. The following areas provide standout service for businesses looking to track their online success and reach out to a target audience:

Managing Those Wolverine-Style Emotions of Yours Will Help Build Better Relationships

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Controlling Emotions In Heated Discussions

Okay, who hasn’t been here (see above)? Am I right? You’ve had a rough day full of meetings and unresolved issues and before Xavier can say, “Patience Logan”, you’ve unleashed the claws and the battlecry, “Rwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” It feels good initially to retort and release frustration on fellow co-workers and clients. However, afterward, like a night full of heavy drinking, it allllllllllll comes back full circle and you’re left with regret, embarrassment and your tail between your legs. Once you’ve unleashed suppressed emotions there’s a scar left behind that won’t easily fade over time..

Which Mutant Best Describes Your Personality?

How to Set Up Google Alerts and Your “Hot Trends” Subscription

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how to set up google alertsDo you ever sit down to write a blog post or share something interesting on Facebook and absolutely nothing comes to mind? It happens to me often enough, and I’m sure it happens to everyone else; from small business owners just doing what they can to seasoned marketing professionals.  So, what do I do when I’m looking for something share-worthy to post or write about? Same as you: Google search. But this method can be hit-and-miss.

When all we do is occasionally type in a keyword and read the first page of results, we’re really just dipping our toe into a pool of information that gets deeper by the day. If you’d rather dive in head first and swim laps in this pool, you’re going to want to set up Google Alerts.

Now you can also get email alerts about Google’s trending searches! Go to and subscribe at the top right corner. (Warning: select as-it-happens at your own risk!)


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