Widespread Internet Outage Today

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Is your website, hosting or internet down?

You’re not alone.

Nationwide Internet OutageUnfortunately several network providers are experiencing regional outages. This can cause issues for some people, website and services, but not others. Routing infrastructure for Cogent, ATT, Level3, and Comcast are affected at a nationwide level. This means that while you may have some level of internet, your internet connection is not working at full capacity.

When will it be resolved?

Making Sense of the Google Pigeon Update

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And How it Affects Your Business

Whether you’re an SEO, in charge of marketing for a large company or a small business owner it’s very possible you’ve been pooped on by a pigeon lately. Not the physical gray birds that flock around bread crumbs on the ground, but the Google algorithm update dubbed “Pigeon”.

Google Pigeon Update

What is the Google Pigeon update?

Pigeon’s arrival on July, 24th prompted shaky knees in both the SEO and local business communities. However, the results so far have been mixed, offering up both positive and negative shifts in local rankings in the short time the update has been live.

Reading between the lines.

Pigeon is a major update for local. There is no doubt about that. Previously Google had two separate algorithms. One for it’s local results and one for organic results and they’ve basically merged the two. In the long run this will most likely be a very good thing. In the short term there will be a lot of continued adjustments while Google “get’s it right”. This will obviously cause stock in Rogaine to soar as business owners and marketers pull their hair out dealing with daily changes from Google.

Google Acknowledges New HTTPS Ranking Factor

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A few days ago Google openly announced a new ranking factor. For years marketers and developers have implemented website forms containing personal business or customer information. These forms (and other functionality) often go hand-in-hand with SSL certificates to lock down this private data. Marketers would work at length to redirect HTTPS versions to HTTP to keep things clean and organized. What we thought at the time was “a good practice” has flipped on end as Google turns its focus towards website security.

Webfor Founder Elected to SEMpdx Board of Directors

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Kevin-GetchSEMpdx has long been the most respected and sought-after organization for search, social & digital marketing professionals in the Northwest. When our Founder, Kevin Getch, was elected as Marketing Chair for this organization in July, we were ecstatic.

SEMpdx has it’s finger on the pulse of everything digital marketing. The organization holds monthly education events, as well as its annual SearchFest conference. SearchFest is one of the top digital marketing conferences in the US, providing a full day of education from prominent speakers around the globe.

“SEMpdx is the premier organization for search & social marketing professionals in the Northwest, so to be invited to serve on the board of directors is a huge honor, to say the least,” says Getch. ​”They say if you want to be the best you should surround yourself with the best. Serving on the SEMpdx​ board puts me elbow-to-elbow with the best in the industry.”

On behalf of everyone at Webfor, we would like to thank SEMpdx for this honor. Let’s make history!

Get Ranking with Listings Management

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By Michael Rough and Chelsea Terris

Good SEOs find and pursue opportunities that allow them to boost the online credibility of their clients in the eyes of users and search engines.

A great way to accomplish this is to establish and keep clean the business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) through use of citations. Citations are listings in various directories that include your business’s local, categorical, or social focus. These informational hubs provide Google with essential information about the where, what and how of your business. If your business information is at all lacking in one or many of these listings, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to show Google you’re a trustworthy and exceptional business.

However, similar to links, not all citation directories are equal in their ability to represent your site. In some cases, inconsistencies in your business data or duplicate listings can even hurt your ability to rank. For this reason, consistent management of your listings is of vital importance.

Listings management is like weeding a garden; just when you uproot one patch of dandelions, another crop pops up, ready to strangle your healthy plants. So how do you deal?


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