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Webfor has developed a reputation for results. We’ve accomplished this by focusing on our clients success and what we call the 3R’s… Relationship, Results & ROI. Fill out the form on the right to check availability and request a 30 minute free consultation or call us at (503) 512-0770.

The 3R’s: Relationship, Results & ROI


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Webfor is dedicated to making you successful. Our goal is to become an invaluable partner and trusted advisor for all your search marketing needs. We work towards this goal by consistently providing exceptional results and ROI. We are personally and financially committed to the success of your company. Because of this commitment to our clients we’ve grown in large part from referrals from our clients and many of our clients are now good friends.


When it comes to any marketing dollars our company spends we want to see results in a realistic time frame. We know you want to see the same. That is why we work with you to set realistic expectations based on the competitiveness of the keyword phrases we’re targeting as well as the geographic locations.

Then we set benchmarks to track our progress toward these goals. We review monthly progress reports, website analytics and (SERP’s) search engine ranking positions with you every month. After we’ve set realistic expectations, we do everything we can to blow them out of the water. Exceeding your expectations is always our goal.

ROI (Return On Investment):

When it comes down to it the reason you spend money on any form of marketing is to produce a positive ROI (Return on Investment). We understand that implicitly and in fact we work with a lot of our clients to provide them techniques to better track where there marketing dollars are producing. By making sure your producing a positive ROI, we are solidifying our relationship with your company.


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