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Avoid Holiday Shopping Cart Abandonment

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‘Tis the season when people open their wallets. For many businesses, it’s the most crucial time of year to make sure their sales conversions work as efficiently as possible. One of the biggest challenges is the dreaded shopping cart abandonment, or when people start the checkout process, and for whatever reason decide not to follow through to completion.

Here are a few tips for minimizing shopping cart abandonment and some additional ones through a nifty infographic from the folks at Monetate:

Ease Concerns with Security

Security badges, privacy policies, credit card logos, etc. are all ways to give your customers reassurance they are doing the right thing and not jeopardizing their financial safety. This is important, even before getting customers to the shopping cart.

Provide a Phone Number

File this one under easing customer concern as well. When you provide a phone number you’re telling customers you are available and not skirting responsibility.

Allow for Multiple Payment Options

You may have a ready and willing customer, but if you don’t give them payment choices, they may turn around and high-tail it off your website.

A/B Testing is Your Friend

Test, test, and test some more. Side-by-side comparisons with subtle variations in layout can help eliminate the negatives and decrease shopping cart abandonment. shopping cart abandonment

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