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Becoming The Rocky Balboa of Project Management Takes More Than Strength and Agility

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by Jason Wright

Greetings to all you Webforians out there, my name is Rocky Bal Jason Wright and I’m ecstatic to join this awesome cast of characters and talent we have here at Webfor. While I’m new to the team, I’m not new to project management and the in’s and out’s that make a project successful.

When Rocky staggered to his feet to win a bout against Apollo Creed, he probably was motivated by a certain set of emotions or feelings…


When Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa hit the mat at the same time, all he had to do was get up to win. Easier said than done right? Project Management can feel a little bit like a boxing match. You’re constantly bombarded with emails, phone calls and on-the-spot meetings with team members or clients. Keep your gloves up and don’t get knocked out.

Take control of every day by keeping your inbox clean and organized, scheduling tasks on your calendar and setting times when team members can interrupt you during the day.

Organization is going to be your best friend. The more organized you are, the more likely you won’t lose sight of important to-do’s. 


When you get knocked down, you gotta get right back up. Not all of your projects will run smoothly. There’s a wide array of issues and barriers that can prevent you from being successful. While it can be tough to stay the course, you have to keep your mind focused on the overall mission at hand (successful project delivery). You should always consider how your client feels and dissect how they’re responding to situations that are preventing you from moving forward. Consider this (totally fictional) transcript….

PM:In order for us to move forward, we’re going to need a high resolution version of your logo. Without it, we won’t be able to deliver the quality of work we’re committed to.

CLIENT: I just don’t have access to it anymore. I don’t even know who I can talk to about it, because I took over the company about a year ago and a lot of that information was lost.

PM: I understand this poses a particular challenge for us. Perhaps your accountant would have a record of invoices paid out to another web services provider? We can start there and if you like, I can contact the third party and see about getting our hands on the files we need. If we’re unsuccessful, we’ll do the best we can to integrate the logo we have into the new design concepts.

In this situation, stay focused on delivering a great customer experience. In the responses above, the PM has shown empathy, opened up potential solutions and closed with a final resolution leaving little room for the unknown.

Taking pride in what you do will help keep your mind set on delivering that fantastic experience your client deserves.


To some, Rocky is a classic love story and the concept plays a huge role in most of the films’ finales. It’s a level of passion and desire that motivates Rocky to step into the squared circle and slowly climb to his feet when he gets knocked down.

At its core, project management is all about communication and leadership. True success comes from being passionate in what you do. If you’re lacking passion, it can show through in your work, how you communicate to clients and how successful you are at project delivery.

Project management isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. As they say, when the going get’s tough, the tough get going. Don’t hit the mat or throw punches. Keep those gloves up and stay on the ropes. As long as you’re on your feet and going the rounds, you’re increasing your chances of success. Not to mention that at some point you can yell this…..


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