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Butterflies and Business

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Joining a new company, as an employee or a client, can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. It’s like dating in a way – are they going to like me? Am I going to like them? Should I just stay home and eat ice cream? While there’s always time for ice cream, you have to be able to buy it first.

I can certainly attest to these feelings. I’d been job searching for months, interviewing, looking for the right place to start a long term relationship. I think I found it when I joined Webfor as the Search Marketing Specialist. They shared my outlook, my values, and how I want to grow as a professional.

The same can be said when looking for a digital marketing agency to work with. Are you comfortable with the agency? Do they listen to you? Can they back up their claims, or is it all just for show? It’s an important decision – substance is more important than flash.

What Do You See?

When I found myself laid off last November, with no other jobs lined up, and relying solely on my wife’s income, I could have been completely defeated. I could have wallowed in self-pity, and I could have told myself I was a complete failure because I wasn’t providing for my little family financially.

And, honestly, I did. But not for long. I started to see opportunity in my future. I could do whatever I wanted, apply for any and every job that sounded enjoyable, and even get some added benefits and a bump in pay.

Choose Courage Over Comfort

It was a daunting task. But during my 4 months of job hunting, I kept reminding myself of Brené Brown’s incredible book Rising Strong. One noteworthy passage stayed with me while on the job hunt:

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.

The last portion of that quote is what stuck with me the most as I was searching for the perfect job. There were plenty of job opportunities, but I wouldn’t have been happy or fulfilled. Instead of taking the “easy” route to pay my bills (and starving my soul), I chose courage over comfort.

It was incredibly uncomfortable to not have a steady, stable income during that time. But finding the perfect place to work made that temporary discomfort worth it. My values align perfectly with Webfor’s values, there’s an amazing office full of family-like coworkers, and an office dog. The benefits and bump in pay were nice additions, too.

What Do You Want?

When it was just my family, the search was hard enough. It can be even more challenging if you’re responsible for not only your family but your business and employee’s families as well. However, as a business owner and as an individual you have values that are inherent to who you are.

When it comes to choosing a company to work with, those values should be matched and honored, not sacrificed. Your goal should be to choose courage over comfort and take the time and effort necessary to find a marketing agency that aligns with your values.

At times it might seem easier to just work with the company that feels a little scammy but seems to know what they’re doing. The truth is, though, if you work with them it’s likely to end poorly for both parties. I’ve heard clients express this defeat in the past – it’s a tiring journey to make over and over again.

So it’s important to stand fast on your “must-have” list. If you want a company that communicates with you on a weekly basis, express that in the initial consultation. If something specific happened with a previous company that caused you stress and/or anxiety, express that as well!

Because if you don’t feel like you can express your concerns or desires in that initial consultation, they’ll probably be even less responsive down the road. Taking the time now to find that perfect fit will pay dividends in the future. For you and your business.

Is Webfor a Good Fit For You?

If you’re a business looking for a marketing agency to handle your digital marketing or creative services, check out all the services we offer on the Webfor website. Feel free to also check out our culture page to learn more about what kind of company you’d be working with.

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