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Does your web site have a Sitemap?

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First off, a sitemap is like it sounds basically a map of your site. An html sitemap is a layout of all of the links on your site and is meant to help users find what they are looking for more easily.


An XML Sitemap allows search engines like Google and Yahoo to crawl your web site in an organized fashion to make sure that they are indexing all of your URL’s. If you already have a sitemap, you can submit it to Google through their webmaster tools section. You can also see who is linking to your site as well as how Google’s bot sees your site.

If you don’t have a sitemap it is important that you get one set up. Setting up a sitemap for our clients is one of the services we provide when implementing an SEO campaign.

When you set up a sitemap with any of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) they will ask you to verify that you are the owner or operator of the site by either uploading a verification file or inserting some html code in your web site.

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