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Facebook Comments Factor in Google Ranking

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It’s been reported that Google is now crawling Facebook comments on third party sites and subsequently using them as a ranking factor for web pages. That means that if you are using the Facebook Comment Box to power the commenting system for your website, it now plays a role in your search engine strategy.

It may have been speculation for some time, but Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, confirmed the news on Twitter: “Googlebot keeps getting smarter. Now has the ability to execute AJAX/JS to index some dynamic comments.”

Third party commenting systems have long been difficult for search engines to index, since they use javascript to display information. The content hidden within IFRAME code remained hidden from search engine bots… until now.

Even before this revelation, using a third part commenting interface was great, because it’s easy to integrate and enhances your users experience. Plus, policing spam is not much of a problem, since Facebook account holders are more visible, and hence, less apt to spam. Now you get the added bonus of a search engine ranking boost when using the comment interface.

While Google and Facebook are heated business rivals, this news is certainly welcomed by Facebook, as it should help boost usage of it’s commenting interface on third party sites that may have been a little wary to do so due to the SEO issues.

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