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Facebook Page Layout Update

Has your page been rearranged?  It looks like Facebook is testing another update to the layout for Pages.

This time, the network is slowly rolling out the update user by user rather than page by page. So, when you can see the updates on one page, you’ll see them on every page.

Here’s what has changed for desktop/laptop users:

facebook page layout update

Updates to your public Facebook page

  • The profile image is off to the top left corner
  • The cover image is now more prominent and unobstructed.
  • Your name is under your profile image, but your vitals (category, location rating and hours) are over to the left under the call to action button.
  • The call to action button is larger and blue, giving it much more focus.
  • Message response times are listed further down with your map location and other business details.
  • As you scroll down, the left column with your profile image, name and tabs follow.
  • Your business details, apps, visitor posts, reviews and other stuff are now to the right of your posts rather than the left (pictured below).

facebook page layout update

  • All of your tabs are now visible (without having to click “more”) in a column on the right. (pictured below)

facebook page layout update

Updates to the page admin’s view

facebook page layout update

  • Page managers can now see their insights overview in a larger box rather than a column to the left (pictured above).
  • Your vitals are down below your insights and ad suggestion.

Facebook has been making a ton of changes and improvements lately (as usual) including a news feed algorithm update, adding share and save buttons to Chrome, rolling out live video streaming, and a ton of fine tuning for the mobile experience.Download our free social media strategy worksheet and our Facebook cheat sheet.

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