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Google Makes it Official: Mobile Search Surpasses Desktop

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The trend towards mobile search domination has been discussed and speculated about for years, but you can call it official at this point. At its annual ad conference in Half Moon Bay, California, the world’s largest search engine acknowledged that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan.”

What’s even more amazing about this news is that Google does not include tablets in the mobile search category… so it’s smartphones alone that have grabbed the majority share of their search. The company decided not to release a full list of the countries or the exact percentages.

Now that we all know mobile has surpassed desktop search volume, it’s only logical that Google would reward websites with mobile-friendly design. Search engines are very complex things, but their goal is always a very simple one: it boils down to giving their users what they want, and the best experience in getting it.

In conjunction with the overwhelming transition to mobile search, Google has been offering advertising formats that function better on mobile devices, and last month they unveiled their mobile-friendly algorithm. Webmasters everywhere, in a panic, referred to it “Mobilegeddon.” Truth be told, anyone in the industry paying any attention at all knew that this was coming and should have adjusted accordingly.

If you want to avoid being dropped in search rankings (and who doesn’t), Google is making it easy to test your website with their mobile-friendly test tool.

“The future of mobile is now,” says Jerry Dischler, Google’s vice president in charge of the company’s AdWords service.

Are you unsure what needs to be done? For more on the mobile search trend, and how you can respond to Google’s changes, check out this article from our CEO Kevin Getch over at Visions Magazine.

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