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Google Plus One Now Available To All

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Google +1 ButtonIt was only a few short months ago that Google began the experimental stage of their +1 feature, in its continued efforts to integrate a social aspect to search results that is a bit like the “like” feature on Facebook.

In the initial stage it was only available to those people who opted into the experiment. Now it is available to everyone. You will notice a “+1” icon next to each link displayed in Google’s search results.

When you or someone else endorses a link by clicking on the +1 button, it makes that page more relevant to your friends. It also shows up in a feed on your Google Profile.

As a bonus, websites will be able to drop a code in their website that will allow users to “+1” their pages while on the site, not just through search results.

There’s also going to be a “recommended by friends” component to AdWords and AdSense. So, if a friends +1’s an ad, it will show up in related searches for you. This should only prove to be an enhancement to advertisers since it helps improve the trustworthiness of this ads.

It will be interesting to see if companies will try to manipulate the system a bit by doing things to incentivize people to +1 their site, and if so, how Google will counter that tactic.

Just remember that +1 does not show up unless you are signed into your Google account.


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