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Google Rolls Out Bid-Per-Call

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Maybe your company has dipped its proverbial toes into the pool of Google AdSense, bidding on various keywords you have selected in a given marketing campaign. But if phone leads also make sense for you, you may want to take advantage of the new PPC feature being offered by Google. The company has announced it is rolling out their “bid-per-call” feature, which is a pay per call (PPCall) offering that expands upon what they currently offer in the phone lead generation realm.pay per call

Currently in limited release in the US and UK, the Bid-Per-Call feature will factor into the ranking of ads that return with search results. While there has been a pay-per-call service for some time now, this new feature adds the new dimension of bidding on placement.

A combination of the ad’s Quality Score and max cost-per-click (CPC) bid currently determine Ad Rank (which influences the position of your ad). However, with the new bid-per-call feature, the bid and phone call Quality Score will also factor into the Ad Rank. Higher-ranked ads are more likely to be seen and read by web searchers, and in turn, usually generates more phone calls.

Those advertisers who meet minimum click and call thresholds will need to use a Google forwarding number when setting up Call Extensions, in order for the Adwords platform to measure when a call takes place.

Call reporting is available in Adwords. Advertisers can access summaries of completed calls, including phone-through rate (PTR) and phone call cost on ad group and campaign level.

Google gives a clear explanation on its blog as to why marketers should use the new feature:

“With bid-per-call, the maximum cost-per-call (CPP) and your call Quality Score will be factored into your Ad Rank. This means that you’ll automatically be rewarded with higher ad position and lower cost per call when your phone number is useful to users. And you’ll have increased control over the position of your ads and your call volume by adjusting your bid. As always, you’ll never pay more than you’re willing to for either a phone call or a click.”

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