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Google Webmaster tools gets an overhaul

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The Result?

A much simpler, more intuitive navigation, for some… for others, not so much.

Google Webmaster features are now grouped together in three categories: Site configuration, Your site on the web, and Diagnostics. Although the whole site is easier to naviagate and much more user friendly, it will still take some who were used to the old site a little time to adapt. For those that are new to the site though, it should provide for a little less headaches.

My favorite addition is the ability to see right from your Google Webmaster tools account the anchor text of all of the sites that link to your pages. Can you say Hallelujah?

Here is the link to New and Improved Google Webmaster Tools http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/new.

Check out a quick video introduction:

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