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How To Get Your Google Plus Custom URL In 4 Clicks

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Hallelujah! Google Plus is finally rolling out custom URLs for brand pages and personal profiles.

Up until recently, Google Plus pages and profiles have had cumbersome individual URLs like this one:

Google Plus Custom URL

Now, when you log on to your account, you may be greeted by a drop down bar letting you know that you or your business have been preapproved or become eligible for a nifty new web address.

Google Plus Costom URL

Not seeing it? Here are some possible reasons why you may not yet be eligible for a custom URL:

For Personal Profiles:

  • You must have ten or more followers

  • Your account must be at least 30 days old

  • You must have a profile photo

For Brand Pages:

  • Must be a verified local business

  • Must be linked to a website

If you or your brand page have these qualifications, check your “about” section’s “links” box to get your custom URL.

Google Plus Custom URL

  1. To get started, click the “Get URL” button in your drop down alert or the link on your about page (pictured above) .

  2. A prompt will show you the URL(s) you’ve been approved for. If you are offered more than one option, choose the one you like best. If your name has already been chosen by another Google Plus user you may be asked to add a few letters or numbers to make your URL unique.

    Google Plus Custom URL

  3. After checking the box to agree to Google’s Terms of Service, click Change URL.

  4. At this point, Google may ask you to verify your account with your mobile phone number. (If not, skip to #6.) To complete this verification, follow the prompts by entering your mobile number and a code will be sent to you via text.

  5. Enter your code in the box provided, and click Verify.

  6. Is this your final answer? Once this custom URL is approved, you cannot request to change it. So make sure this is the one you want. Then, click Confirm Choice.

    Google Plus Custom URL


Why is this important?

Aside from just plain looking better, your custom URL will be much more sharable, which should create an uptick in your organic search results.

This is something other social networks have had for quite a while, so it’s nice for Google Plus to finally come around on this little― yet impactful― detail. Google does state in the Terms of Use that while these custom URLs are currently free, they may start charging a fee for them later on. However, with the adoption of Google Plus being so much slower than other social networks it’s hard to imagine them setting up such a roadblock. Only time will tell.

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