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How Web Users Share Information

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One of the biggest keys to marketing your website and its underlying products and services is to get the assistance from others through inbound linking. The biggest buzz on the Internet over the last couple years has been social media, of course. From a marketing perspective, you need to understand and harness the power of content sharing on the Web – a key aspect of the social media experience.

In a report titled “Content is the Fuel of the Social Web,” AOL and Nielsen Online analyzed over 10,000 social media messages to see how people share content online. What they found was that 93 percent of Internet users use e-mail to share content, 89 percent of them use social networks, and 82 percent use blogs. Whichever platform you look at, an overwhelming majority of Internet users are sharing content on them.

When you dig into the data a little deeper, you see the overwhelming evidence of the power of content: 96 percent of all web users share links to published or embedded content – only four percent of the links are to non-specific content links, such as corporate or brand homepages.

The lesson to be learned in this research? Brands don’t stand alone, it’s content that drives interest to them. And the way most people share that content is through email with close to 90 percent of recipients being family and friends (as opposed to co-workers and the general public).

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