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Is Your Business Ready for the Mobile Boom?

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mobile devicesby Chelsea Terris

We don’t need to tell you to make your website look professional. You wouldn’t get dressed in the dark on the morning of a big interview, right (just say no)? Your website auditions your business for new clients all day, every day. Keeping it bright, shiny, and optimized is your #1 priority if you want to appeal to potential customers online.

These days, though, a great website is not enough. Mobile is the new whiz kid in town, and in our increasingly connected culture, he’s here to stay. So what can you do to get your website ready for the mobile boom?

Get specific:

Mobile users are looking for specific information delivered at lighting speed. Your mobile page should be a condensed – not watered down – version of your regular site, offering up a one-two punch of targeted information with simple navigation that leads them to your door for the solutions to their problems. Anything more general and you forfeit customer retention and increase your bounce rate.

The mother load (ing time):

Think users are just going to wait around for 10 seconds for your mobile site to load? Uh, no. They’ve got better things to do, and chances are they’re cruising your site while waiting on the checkout line at the grocery store, so they’re already impatient.

Rightfully so. Mobile devices are intended to deliver necessary information to the on-the-go user. On-the-move people want – nay, need – a quick and convenient interface so they can get info and keep moving. Don’t be their speed bump = get your shiz to load in under 5 seconds so you can convert those users into customers.

Remember NAP time:

Don’t be that sad business that no one can find; update your NAP (name, address, phone number) as soon as changes occur. Google maps is one of the most popular map apps available, so make it your first update. In addition, Apple Maps now allows you to update your citations for mobile devices via Localeze.com, so you can be uber-findable for your mobile audience.

Have multiple locations? Offer a map to show users the closest branch to their location. They’ll thank you by walking through your door, not your more findable competition’s.

Make it easy:

For a truly satisfying user experience, you’ll want to make mobile site navigation a snap. Tap-to-call dialing features, checkboxes, scroll menus, and wide buttons all help make moving around your mobile page easy, especially for people whose big thumbs on mobile are the equivalent of a left foot at a ballroom dancing competition: awkward.

Flash in the pan:

You heard it here; don’t use flash. We know, it’s so very pretty, but looks aren’t everything. Flash doesn’t get indexed by Google (this search engine Gangster prefers text-based content), so if you use it you can kiss your rankings goodbye. Even worse is that flash plain doesn’t work on any Apple mobile devices. I-phones, tablets, etc . . . they just can’t with Flash. Opt for HTML 5 or Silverlight for a more usable interface.

Mobile devices are not the wave of the future; they’re the wave of the present. Consider the above tips your surfboard and get ready to reach potential customers wherever they roam.

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