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Meet Our New Inbound Marketing Specialist

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Greetings, clients of Webfor and the rest of you in the Internet marketing community! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and join in the crusade to catapult your business to new heights in your online presence.

I respect the hard work it takes to build a business and find inspiration in magnifying your efforts with web-based marketing. Before meeting Team Webfor, I worked in the marketing department of several craft-based businesses, including Timeless Treasures Fabrics in New York. There, I engaged in growing their social media platforms from the ground up and provided outstanding public relations outreach, including instrumental work on the International Stitch Star Competition. I have worked consistently as a freelance writer and recently provided arts reviews to The Durango Herald, a historic local newspaper in Colorado. Other sites hosting my work include the newsworthy humor website, This or That. Whether writing articles or devising online promotional strategies, I strive to bring out the best in clients and help them achieve “light bulb on!” marketing breakthroughs. Having settled now in Portland, Oregon, I am pleased to join forces with Webfor to bring you the best SEO services possible.

You may have already heard from me regarding the activation of online listings. Part of what I will be doing with Webfor is reaching out to you on occasion to confirm these online business listings so that they are visible to potential customers who may be searching for your services. For those of you whom I have not spoken with yet, I look forward to our first conversation! Together we will raise awareness for your business and attract the customer base you deserve.

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