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Miley Twerks, But Does Your Website’s Traffic Werk?

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Hi, my name is Chelsea Terris, and I am an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Webfor.

If you own your own business, you are probably concerned about increasing traffic to your site.

One common mistake made by many small businesses is to rely too heavily on traffic as an indication of success.

This is a problem because traffic can be incredibly misleading.

If you draw traffic to a page on your site and deliver on the spot what they are looking for, you have lost your opportunity for engagement. 1000 visits does little to improve your bottom line if none of those users stay on the page, link to your page, share your page, join your mailing list, or call to set up an appointment.

A recent example of traffic for traffic’s sake can be found in Mylie Cyrus’ twerk moves at the VMAs, which made CNN.com headline news. This occurrence was documented in an article on Onion.com parodying Meredith Artley of CNN.

This spot-on piece of satire accuses modern journalism of going after mere link bait. Once visitors get a peek at Miley’s antics, they are off and running again, most likely to another share-worthy site.

But let’s look at the Onion article. That fake post is still being shared two weeks later, with a hearty response from the real Meredith Artley through Twitter.

Offering humor and timely social commentary (aka, great content) is the kind of behavior that WILL get you subscribers and social shares, all of which contribute to increasing your ROI.

So what are some other ways can engage visitors rather than becoming a one-hit-traffic-wonder?

Here are three steps you can take right now to convert traffic into clients:

1 Give them value: Collect emails or newsletter subscriptions in exchange for something of value. One example for a software company, let’s say, would be “sign up now and receive a one-week free trial of so-and-so software.” They’re hooked, will look on your services favorably, and will get familiar with your offerings just in time to anticipate your newsletter in their inboxes.

2 Make that content sticky! You know those articles that you see shared 5 times by 5 different people in 5 minutes on your Facebook news feed? That’s sticky content. Think about what your target individuals are interested in and merge those interests with your business offerings to create blog posts and page content that people will care about and share on social sites. Social engagement increases your website’s ranking, which makes it more findable in Google searches for your services, which equals your phone ringing off the hook. You can read more about marketing that keeps it personal in my blog post How to Market to Individuals, Not Audiences.

3 Finally, give them something to do! A site without a call to action is like a party with no snacks or music. People stand around until its awkward and then leave, usually within 5 seconds. Create both a sense of urgency and show a little authority by adding a “Sign Up Now” or “Click for a Free Quote” button. If you want users to share your content on social media sites, include easily accessible share buttons. Make taking the action you desire the simplest and most obvious step they can take, simpler and more obvious than leaving your page.

Below are a few noteworthy links referenced:

1. Sticky content if I’ve ever seen it: NYC Artist Shows Us What Famous Celebs Would Look Like as Normal People (via techeblog.com)

2. Princess Miley herself

3. Onion article parodying Meredith Artley

4. Real-Life Meredith’s Twitter response (this one isn’t in the video, but provides hilarious proof of how captivating content compels response)

5. My keep-it-real marketing guide, How to Market to Individuals, Not Audiences

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