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New Twitter Profile Layout Looks a Lot Like Facebook

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Twitter began testing yet another layout change this week, showing a small pool of randomly selected users some suspiciously familiar design elements.

For those of you who are loyal to your tweet machine, you may soon be unhappy to find your profile layed out like Facebook, and your feed streaming in scattered tiles like Google Plus and Pinterest. The threat of such a change has a lot of existing Twitter users up in arms, but with other platforms exploding like they are (That’s you, Pinterest), this copycat redesign may be just what Twitter needs to attract new users.

Our new Project Manager, Jason Wright, is one of the chosen ones (so is Mashable assistant features editor Matt Petronzio) And, they can see everyone elses profiles in the new layout, too.


The tentative redesign, which has already seen a few minor changes since Wednesday, features an almost identical header to Facebook– a square profile photo overlapping the bottom left corner of another page-wide photo, underlined by the menu. They deep-sixed the single-file stream Twitter has always had in favor of a grid similar to Google+ or Pinterest, displaying larger photos and content cards.

Visit the “Following” or “Followers” pages, and see that friends have larger square cards that are nicely organized in a grid as well.

And, fancy blue check mark or not, test users have the capability to see not just the Tweets, but the “Tweets and replies” for every other user — something only verified users can see with the current version.


It may have something to do with Twitter’s very first earnings report as a public company. Last week they revealed that user growth is trailing off, and the users they do have are spending more time on other sites.

To kill both birds with a friendlier, more engaging stone, Twitter is testing a layout that demands more attention and offers a bit of familiarity to those share-crazy Pinterest users.

This all comes as quite a surprise after Twitter just launched a new design last month.

TIP: If you’ve got the test version, use the recommended size (1500 x 500 pixels) for your new header photo. Without resizing, your old image will be stretched horizontally, which we all know is not exactly flattering.

Tell us what you think of Twitter’s test redesign in the comments below!


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