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Restaurants Top Local Search Volume

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By Kevin Getch

For most small businesses, their local area is the heart of their business. In some cases, it’s their entire business, which underscores the importance of local SEO.

YP, the local publisher and ad network giant, just released their US-focused “Local Insights Report” for the second quarter of 2012. According to the report, restaurants remain at the top of local search volume. This isn’t particularly shocking news, if you just think logically about what people are looking for in local businesses, a new dining experience would seem to be more frequently searched for, as opposed to say, an attorney – presuming you aren’t the type who shops for a new attorney every couple weeks.

Given how prone restaurants are to online customer reviews, they are a prime example of an industry who needs to be on the ball with local SEO and reputation management. Maybe what’s more interesting is to see how the industries fall in line behind food service. The data from the YP report comes from searches conducted across the their multi-platform network, which includes “563 million searches and nearly 11 billion impressions in Q1 2012 across the YP Local Ad Network’s 300+ online, mobile, IPTV and directory assistance publishers.”

Here is the top 10:

1. Restaurants

2. Financial Services

3. Auto Repair

4. Real Estate

5. Beauty Services

6. Physicians & Surgeons

7. Auto Parts

8. Building Contractors

9. Legal Services

10. Lodging

Want to get an idea of what industries stand to benefit most from local SEO services?While this list is certainly not insight into the types of business that exclusively benefit from local search, notice that three of the top 10 are directly or indirectly related to real estate (if you want to include lodging) and two are in the automobile industry.

Maybe more interesting is looking at the “rising stars” of local search, those businesses who saw the highest growth in search for Q2.

1. Family Services (+164%)

2. Wedding Planning & Supplies (+76%)

3. Pharmacies (68%)

4. Security Services (59%)

5. Florists (59%)

6. Construction (49%)

7. Auto Sales (49%)

8. Auto Parts (46%)

9. Landscaping & Lawn Services (40%)

10. Boats & Boating (40%)

If you’re in any of these industries… what, if any, local SEO strategy do you have?

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