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Survey Reveals How Commercial Websites Lose Customers

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There is no more powerful data than getting it straight from your customer’s mouth. Toluna QuickSurveys, which appears to be a valuable online surveying tool, was used by Econsultancy to get into the heads of 2,000 UK consumers. Of those 2,000 people, only 12.8 percent said they don’t shop online, which underscores how far e-commerce has come over the last decade or so.

They found out some interesting and valuable information about what makes consumers follow through on a purchase and what makes them quit their shopping experience and leave the website.

The game of SEO and Internet marketing isn’t just about increasing traffic to your website, though that is certainly a fantastic way to start. You must also understand the habits of your customers and what makes them purchase your products and services. Parting with your hard-earned money online isn’t as easy to do as when you are face-to-face with a business owner. That’s why building trust is one of the keys to success.

In the Econsultancy survey, consumers were asked when they shop with a retailer they don’t know well, what makes them trust the website. The number one reason (48 percent of respondents) was seeing “trustmarks” on the retailer’s website. These are icons such as credit card symbols and more importantly third-party security certifications that reassure consumers they are dealing with a trusted website.

The second reason is very similar to the first. Forty-six percent of people surveyed said they want to see an address and phone number displayed. In their absence, it’s not a stretch to fear for the worst.

While trust is important, there are certainly other factors that go into converting web browsers into customers. If you want to know how to lose a customer quickly, the survey revealed that people will leave due to slow page loading time and poorly designed web pages.

When it’s all said and done, every response was related to trust on some level. For instance, in order for consumers to complete the transaction, those surveyed said they need to see information on the company’s return policy, the timeline and charges for delivery, detailed information about the product and reviews from other shoppers. Build trust and you are on your way to building a successful business.

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