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The Wondrous World of WordCamp Where Developers Unite

Lewis & Clark College Hosts WordCamp

The Wondrous World of WordCamp Where Developers Unite

WordCamp 2017 was held at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR this year. If you haven’t visited the campus before, it’s very peaceful/calm nestled in the middle of trees and rolling hills.

The Webfor team traversed to the conference hoping to pick up some new ideas, strategies and tactics for WordPress development and beyond. While the conference topics varied more than I expected, it was still another great experience.

The typical boxed sandwich lunch was solid (I love food) though I missed out on some snacks. They had a record number of people attend this year and it was exciting to see so many people of different backgrounds come together.

Below are my slightly edited notes from the event and if you catch a mistake, please let me know. Bolded items indicate something I thought was especially cool or interesting. Enjoy!

5 Steps to Personal and WordPress Security (@wpmodder)

  • Not just a technical talk. Security on your website and in your personal life.
  • 16 billion stolen dollars from consumers in one year.
  • Mostly used for government fraud.
  • There are 3.26 billion internet users as of December 2015. 44% of web traffic is from humans, most are from bots and spammers.
  • Offline security, got that feeling that someone was looking at you. Kept watching a guy who was following him. Went into an open bar and the person walked by.
  • Limit what you carry, don’t put your SS card in your wallet. Take what you need before you travel.
  • Ask before sharing.
  • Information leaks happen all the time.
  • Vandalism and defacement.
  • Drive-by downloads, keyloggers.
  • Redirections can be hacking.
  • 41% hacked because of hosts, 29% insecure themes, 22% via a vulnerable plugin and 8% of weak passwords.
  • Software vulnerabilities happen because we’re human. Equifax example, server software issue with Apache stretch software. They knew there was an issue, but didn’t take action to fix it. Then got hacked.
  • URL injection on Trump site. Google lets you know that the website might be hacked.
  • Change passwords often and don’t email usernames and passwords.
  • Install AntiVirus and user VPN – virtual private network, Encrypt.me.
  • Don’t change core files and run away. Backup your websites all the time.
  • Update plugins, themes and WP often.
  • WordPress.org/hosting.
  • Ensure host is using the latest version of PHP. 7+ released with huge benefits.
  • Security Plugins and Services
    • SSL Access Controls and ranking factor.
    • Limit Login Attempts
    • 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)
    • Disable File Editing define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);
    • Default Table Prefix
    • Keys and Salts, make your passwords more complex.
    • WP-config DENY complete access.
    • CDN, make your website load faster and some security measures are in place.
    • One Time Secret and WP Push.

Building a Profitable WP Agency

  • Started as a freelance person, moved to agency 4 years ago.
  • Profit, producing financial gain.
  • Profit should align with your lifestyle and life goals.
  • Organizing transactions between two other parties.
  • Let go of tasks you don’t enjoy.
  • Provide jobs and impacting other peoples lives by giving back to the world.
  • Other businesses are buying systems and clients, not always people and brand awareness.
  • Contractors are not 100% focused on you and you can’t dictate time.
  • Overseas staff can put you in a position of affording yourself. There are no taxes and no other rules.
  • Referral partners can create opportunities for people. Back and forth potential. Though, there are reduced margins.
  • PSD to WordPress Clients as a service to build websites.
  • Gotchas
    • No systems or processes documented.
    • Not pricing for PROFIT!
      • Know how long a task actually takes.
      • Analyze your additional expenses.
        • Management overhead.
        • Increase marketing.
        • Agency software.

In Praise of the Side Project – Rachel Cherry

  • Senior Software Engineer at Disney. They work on Disney.com and star wars.com. Bachelors in design from Alabama.
  • From Alabama and had a love of computers. Huge fan of the myst games. Cosmic osmo.
  • Print designer at a university. Kept moving forward with a love of programming.
  • Started picking up side projects and freelance.
  • LezWatchTV – home of TV / Movie characters.
  • Side project ideas:
    • Write a book or guides.
    • Build a website.
    • Podcast.
    • Blog.
  • Do whatever you want to do.

Stop Niching

  • Stop saying I’m a Digital Consultant.
  • You can get 0 referrals too but not being specific.
  • There’s no ideal customer.
  • Make Money Online – Podcast, they talk about positioning.
  • Who you work with, the expensive problem you solve, how you do it.
  • Your expensive problems are knowing how to solve problems.
  • Problem 1 – I’ll get fewer clients.
    • NOOOO
    • What actually happens, relationships more readily clear.
  • Don’t be desperate having a certain book of clients.
  • Problem 2 – I’ll make less money.
    • Clients you get are going to pay more money.
    • Pitching and value proposition.
  • Problem 3 – I’ll get bored.
    • Positioning isn’t forever.
  • Best Buyers, Your Incremental Steaming Abomination, Nu-Positioning

Benefits of Continued Integrations

  • Version control on code. You change a layout and the shopping cart doesn’t work.
  • CI servers and commit processes.

15 Tips for SEO

  • Publish content regularly.
  • Let Google know you’re still there.
  • Writing about recent events.
  • Posting to YouTube and guest posting. Create slideshares.
  • Use clickable titles, make your posts sound compelling.
  • Use blog title generators.
  • She doesn’t do KWR because it’s pointless.
  • Sold 100 copies per month, now selling 5-10 copies per day.

Best Practices for Starting Simple + Scaling As You Grow

  • Lean Startup Model
    • Minimum Lovable Experience
    • Design First
    • Ideas > Build – Code > Measure – Data > Learn
  • WordPress Starter Kit
    • Wordfence
    • Yoast
    • WP Rocket
    • Analytics Spam Blocker
    • Admin Menu Editor
    • All In One WP Migration
  • When to Scale and Hire a CTO
    • Tech will change.
    • Team will change.
  • No technical talks about plugins and how to set them up.

That’s everything. Enjoy this post? Let me know on Twitter or the in comments below. Thanks for reading!

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