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Time Spent on Mobile Devices Passes Print

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mobile adsWe live in mobile times. People are gravitating towards mobile devices more and more, not just for phone conversations, but for accessing the Internet and email. They do so on smart phones and iPads.

In fact, we’ve hit a bit of a milestone in the presence of mobile devices in our lives: people now spend more time using mobile devices than reading print media. According to estimates by eMarketer for last year, time spent on mobile devices and print publications by adults in the U.S. was approximately 50 minutes for each.

When we get to 2011, time spent on mobile phones each day has increased by 30 percent to an hour and 5 minutes. That beats out the 44 minutes spent on all print publications combined.

Frankly, I would have figured this to have been true even before hearing about a study, as newspapers and other print publications scramble to keep their heads above water. Regardless, the writing is on the wall and businesses have responded in kind. According to a new forecast by Swedish research firm Berg Insight, the global mobile ad market will grow by more than 600 percent in the next five years, going from $3.4 billion in 2010 to $22 billion in 2016.

Companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple, among others are scrambling to lay claim to the relatively new and wide-open mobile ad infrastructure.

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