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Is Viral Marketing Like the Swine Flu

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Today, if you turn on any news channel or read any news online you can’t help but read something about the swine flu. I was working with a client today and explaining viral marketing to them when I used the swine flu as an example, because it is top of mind for everyone right now.

When something is viral it is able to replicate itself or be transmitted from one host to another through either through the air or through contact… Viral Marketing is a method of advertising in which your marketing message is able to be replicated on other sites through the your users sharing your content on their blog, social network, or website.

A Few examples of Viral Marketing:

  • Viral video marketing

A Viral Video can be picked up and shared on multiple video sites, social networks, embeded in blogs, websites and emailed to other users.

  • Social Networks and applications

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter are all examples of great environments for viral marketing messages to spread. Friends can share content like, video, pictures, blogs, and applications with their firends with the click of a button. This can be good press… or bad press… so anyone interested in running a viral marketing campaign on a social network should know they will need to monitor and respond to potential negative messages… which can be a good thing!

  • Viral tools

Their are numerous widgets and tools which can be used to make your site and content more ‘sharable’. RSS feeds can be implemented to make your content available to readers and even redistributed on other websites. The ‘AddThis’ tool in the top right hand corner of our page allows you to share this article on your favorite social network, email it, or add it to your favorites.

  • Word of Mouth

In a lot of ways viral marketing is just technologically assisted word of mouth… It allows your users to recommend your content to their friends and network. If they like your video they may blog about it and post it on their blog or website. Viral Marketing is all about generating good quality content that is easily sharable.

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