Revitalize your Visual Identity

Defining your company’s brand is an incredibly rewarding process that can remind you why you got into your line of business in the first place. It can also be pretty intense, especially if you’re re-branding. This is your identity, and it will be everywhere representing your values and making an impression on potential customers. So it has to be perfect.

Guiding you through the branding process is a responsibility we take seriously, but It’s also one of the most exciting aspects of our business. We’re the kids who doodled logos on our homework and now we’re doing it professionally. We’re accomplishing our dreams and we want to help you accomplish yours, too.

We’ll consider your target audience and competitors, combined with getting to know your company and existing brand, in order to create a design that appeals to your market and outshines the competition.

The Intersection of Science and Art

While there’s a lot of creativity and passion involved in designing the perfect logo, there’s also a lot of science to incorporate like the psychology of color and conversion testing. Blending these approaches is our forte. Using decades of combined experience and detailed market knowledge, our team will create a refined, contemporary brand image that reflects your vision and adapts to various marketing channels with ease.

You’ll be able to use your new logo and other branding elements on all your marketing collateral— from storefronts and business cards to websites and social media.

Logo Design Above
VIP Tickets Logo
Willamette Pain & Spine Logo
Stainless Cable & Railing Logo Design
Warner Roofing Logo
HOA Tax Help Logo Design

Our design process often consists of many prototypes and concepts before we present you the best of our troubleshooting efforts.

Ensure Visual Consistency with Brand Guidelines

logo design brand guide

Also known as “brand guidelines” or “brand standards”, we’ll create a set of directives that explain how your visual identity should be portrayed.

This can range from a small collection of rules that outline colors, type, spacing, acceptable logo use, and examples of incorrect logo use – to a more expansive brand experience guide that dictates brand language, photography, example applications, and more.

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