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With dedication, passion and commitment, you can do anything.

The Story for Cheagle

Kevin Getch, the founder of Webfor, presented at Vantalks in 2017. In the presentation he shares his story of “Cheagle.” It’s a classic human story of one person’s effort to grow, persevere and change the world.

Every day we face unique challenges as individuals and as a collective society. Facing a challenge head on, is something that can dramatically alter the course of your future.

Sometimes, you gotta take a leap of faith and hope that your hard work and dedication is what will take you beyond the personal barriers you face. It’s more than that though. Heart and passion matters just as much as hard work. 

Cheagle, is the culmination of one chickens effort to be the Eagle it has always wanted to be. This 10 minute video is worth your time, I promise.

Check out the full presentation below and prepare to be inspired! #IamCheagle

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Establishing a long-term message.

The story of Cheagle wasn’t something we cooked up because we wanted to create something catchy. It’s a story that can have dramatic ripple effects for anyone who is willing to commit to overcoming difficult challenges. 

We had this amazing mural installed to enshrine the message that we love so much.

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