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Say all the right things.

We create helpful, compelling, and highly-optimized content. In addition, we’ll put together a sophisticated plan to make sure it reaches your audience and turns them into customers. Because after all, what’s your content worth if no one ever reads it?

It all starts with extensive research. First, we’ll define your target audience and analyze their search habits. By understanding what words and phrases they use when searching for the products and services you offer, we’re able to craft the information that fulfils their needs. We’ll also write with respect to the ideal voice, tone, and intent for your business and industry.

And while we’re tooting our horn, we can be pretty witty, too. (toot! toot!)

Once we have a firm grasp of the type of information your potential customers are looking for, we’ll determine the best places to market your content by identifying the web communities where they interact most.

conversion optimization

seo-copywritersThe rules of SEO are constantly changing, but one thing that’s always rewarded is high quality content. SEO copywriters need to keep keyword usage and placement in mind, but only in such a way that reads naturally for real people.

Webfor writers not only produce highly-optimized content, but the kind that engages your audience and elicits the response you are looking for.

Here are some examples of content we create


As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. And when it comes to the Web, you only have seconds to ensure it’s a good one. Your website’s design and the content that resides on each page shapes each visitor’s perception of your business, and they formulate their opinion almost instantly.

To improve your placement in search results and make a memorable first impression, we’ll create new content and polish existing pages that may be outdated or under optimized. Your new website content will communicate your company’s vision and values and inspire visitors to take action.


Do you want to run an ad campaign that drives visitors to a specific page for the products or services you’re advertising? We’ll create a landing page that persuades your visitors to take action.

We’ll also create optimized landing pages that aren’t necessarily tied into an ad campaign, but are intended to rank for certain long-tail keyword phrases that you may not be taking advantage of otherwise. For instance, if you have a specific town or region you do business in and want to grow your customer base there, we’ll create a landing page focused on that geographical area with the right keyword targeting to rank, generate leads and increase sales.


Your website’s blog can be a powerful platform for marketing your business. As part of your customer retention strategy, blogging will build traffic, credibility, and valuable relationships.

Consistently publishing new content is also search engine friendly, giving you an increasing number of ways to rank in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Whether we handle all of your blogging needs or compliment your internal efforts, publishing informative and engaging blog content on a regular basis is essential.


Press releases are beneficial on multiple levels. They’re traditionally used to raise awareness about a newsworthy event in your company, and hence, raise awareness of the company as a whole. But in the digital age, a press release can also drive web traffic and even rank in search results.

We’ll target industry-specific news sources, magazines, reporters, editors, review sites, and influential bloggers to make sure your marketing message is finding its way to the right people.

When you have an announcement worth shouting from the rooftops, our press release will generate the publicity, awareness, and traffic you’re looking for.

A comprehensive content strategy from Webfor will help you build the business you’ve envisioned.

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