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Winning begins with Webfor.

Interaction Design Creates Engaging Websites

Webfor understands how users interact with your website. This understanding allows our team to anticipate user experience; to head off problems before they arise; and to brainstorm new and better ways of doing our work. That — in a nutshell — is interaction design. As the Interaction Design Association puts it, “Interaction designers strive to create meaningful relationships between people and the products and services that they use, from computers to mobile devices to appliances and beyond.”


User Experience Is Everything!

Evaluating user experience is both an art and a science. It means Webfor understands your website’s users — what they want, need and value when visiting your site. A good website design is critical. Visitors should be guided seamlessly, intuitively — and with just the right amount of creative flair — toward a conversion goal.

How do you know who’s winning?

Seems like a strange question, yeah? After all, in sports, you know who’s winning because you can look up at the arena scoreboard and see which team has more points. But what about web design? How do you know who’s winning in this particular arena?

What do you want your website visitors to do?

Make a phone call
Buy your product or service
Schedule an appointment
Sign up for your mailing list

The intersection of design and art.

Businesses in the Portland/Vancouver metro area rely on Webfor to deliver results. And we do. Steadily. Assuredly. Consistently. In fact, we’re so good at what we do that we’ve been honored with the Vancouver Business Journal’s “Best in Business Award” two years running.

Refining the user experience via precise, elegant interaction design is just one piece of the creative marketing puzzle that Webfor will construct in collaboration with you and our team.

We harness the power of data to gather insights into how users interact with your website. Then we troubleshoot to overcome any pain points that users may encounter along the way. Site usability matters.

That’s why we’re constantly performing usability tests on the sites we design. A well-designed site keeps customers engaged with your content.

Pain points? Eliminated.
Problems? Fixed.
Conversion? Through the roof!

The Webfor process is collaborative. (No “one-designer show” are we!) Since 2009, we’ve gained invaluable insights into how users experience our clients’ sites. We’ve also learned that the best ideas are borne out of a process of trial, error, and collaboration with other creative like-minds.

We are members of our clients’ teams, so we treat their businesses like our own.

We develop real working relationships with clients by asking questions, seeking alignment and contributing thoughtful solutions to digital-world problems.

Webfor creates winning websites with thoughtful design.

If you’ve ever found yourself navigating your way across a truly interesting and/or useful website, you have behind-the-scenes interaction design to thank for that.

Bought tickets to a cool show? Researched a new topic of interest? Found the perfect shoes? Conversions!

The best designs funnel users toward a conversion goal. There should be zero hassles and zero confusion.

Capturing users in the funnel.

If you bought those tix or that book or that pair of shoes or that photo album, and your experience was seamless, then you probably didn’t notice the mechanisms funneling you toward that conversion.

You may have even thought that you were in charge. Only kinda sorta…

The real reasons for that swell website conversion-slash-user experience? The interaction designer reduced your learning costs, your cognitive costs, and the possibility of misuse, leading directly to a conversion. A good design allows the user to act on intent; to predict the consequences of an action (clicking a button, for example); and to reward the user’s click-through with content that’s meaningful.

Website visitors want to convert.

(That’s why they’re there!) Give them what they want.

Webfor designs websites that are functionally rewarding and aesthetically pleasing. Our team of creative dynamos understands and implements basic principles of interaction design. We do this by taking regular deep dives into user behavior, data analysis, and user scenarios.

In other words …
We know what visitors to your website want.
And we deliver it to them instantly!

Long story short: Although user experience (UX) and interaction design (IxD) are different, they work together to craft content and create websites centered on the user’s goals.

We help people. That means you too. Get in touch for a free consultation and discovery session.

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What our customers say, says it all.

We’ve proven our knowledge and service stands above the competition. See what real customers have to say about us.

“Webfor did an amazing job building the website for our youth career center. Following our brand guidelines, they created an eye-catching and appealing site and offered suggestions to make the site user-friendly and compatible with mobile devices – which is what most of our audience will use to access the site. Stellar professionals, they know their stuff and we would use them again.”

Julia Maglione / Workforce Southwest Washington
New Logo and Website Design

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