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Dental Offices: Anxiety Over Digital Marketing? We’ve Got Good News

It can be difficult to attract new patients to a dental office. Maybe it’s the pointy metal instruments or high-pitched buzzing that intimidates prospective patients. It certainly doesn’t help that “pulling teeth” has a negative connotation.

For any dental practice, a well-optimized website that draws in new patients is the ultimate business-growing tool. In other words, using proper optimization techniques can be the difference between earning new patients or losing them to your competitor.

So, how do we ensure that your dental practice grabs the attention of the right audience? It all comes down to search engine optimization. The end goal of SEO is to encourage business growth by reliably pointing a desirable flow of potential patients to its website and converting them to loyal patients. Uncoincidentally, that’s our goal as well.

Upticks in booked appointments, new patients and a dependable flow of returning patients shows that an SEO strategy is working. However, keeping up with the constant changes occurring in the SEO industry today is a full-time job, one that many dental practices don’t have time for. That’s why we’re here: When you succeed, we do too.

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We won in 2019 for our incredible work on DiscoverOrg and RainKing.

Read the story or check out the case study.

Case Study

Morelli Dentistry

Morelli Dentistry was recently listed as Portland Monthly Magazine Top Dentists of 2017. He’s provided many years of dental services to his community. We formulated a digital strategy to help his dental practice stand out from his competition.

Year Over Year Results

  • +36% New Users (Organic)
  • +15% Mobile Conversions
  • +23+ Total Conversions
  • +25% Organic Traffic

Our SEO Strategies Are Created Just For You

No two SEO strategies are exactly alike because no two practices are exactly alike. We’ll work with you to formulate a strategy that optimizes your website and pulls it closer to that ever-elusive first page on Google search.

Know what your audience is searching for
Keyword research gives us the tools to understand your potential patients on a more intimate level. By digging into the most-commonly searched keywords related to dentistry, we’ll not only identify what they’re trying to find, but also know more about their hopes, desires, and fears. This information gives us relevant keyword phrases we can use to increase site traffic, boost leads, and convert first-time site visitors into patients.

Keep an eye on the competition
Studying up on competing dental offices can provide you with a real edge. Once we understand how other dentists operate and what SEO strategies they employ (if any), we can determine their marketing strengths and weaknesses. This helps us develop a strategy to boost your search engine rankings and direct more patients to your pages.

Say hi to the robots
Ensuring the journey through your site is as understandable as possible is crucial for prospective patients and Google alike. By properly indexing your site, we’ll attract Google’s crawling robots – it’s a thing, trust us – to the website. These little bots comb through all the site’s data to determine what it is about and where pages should appear on search results.

Content: Some things really are black and white
Writing engaging content that’s both optimized for search engines and meets user needs is one of our essential services. Put simply, you can’t have a successful website without good content. Content provides vital information that patients need to know about your dental practice. From addresses to service pages, branding, and blogging, everything starts and ends with copy. Our professional writer’s craft unique, relevant content to share your brand voice while pointing to useful information about your dental office.

Design that Sets You Apart

No one ever said dental websites can’t be engaging. Well, some people probably have. But they haven’t seen what we can do.

A website that’s mobile-friendly and easy to navigate is ten times more likely to convert a user. We take a mobile-first approach to design and build out content, interactive elements, and content management systems. User experience (UX) is essentially the process of making a website as inviting, understandable and effective at converting new prospective patients as possible. An easy way to measure your website’s UX is to answer this question: “Does using our website frustrate patients?” Low conversion rates, sudden drop-offs, and high bounce rates are signs of a website with poor design.

Prospective patients are far more likely to interact with you on a well-designed website, so why not give them the best experience you can? Because if you don’t, they’ll click over to another site that will.

Your dental practice deserves a strong online presence. Do what you do best – and so will we.

Your new path to growth and customer acquisition starts here.

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