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Content Strategy for Medical and Care-Based Industries

The internet is a hypochondriac’s dream. With sites like webmd.com, familydoctor.org, and about a billion other sites and pages, they’ll be able to find what ails them and how to go about fixing themselves. The only issue with those sites is they can’t administer care through a browser.


Until then, many folks will turn to their job-related insurance healthcare companies to arrange an appointment or get a referral. Older patients will look to doctors who accept Medicare while children of a certain age can get their benefits through parents if needed.

Even the very best benefits or insurance plans leave out the occasional specialist.

One plan may offer chiropractic care after an accident, but not include massage for example. Change insurance plans, and those options may be switched. In these cases, potential patients need to find their own specialists.

There are also those people that don’t have insurance, either because their employer doesn’t offer any or they choose to go without. When a medical issue arises, they take to the internet – or an emergency room – to find the healthcare they need.

Healthcare Content Marketing Strategies

The big health clinics and hospitals will get the bulk of web traffic, so how can you promote your specialized services to those who need them? As a dentist, massage therapist, weight-loss clinic, or any one of a hundred other medical practices in the healthcare industry, how do you elbow your way to that front page?

The first thing you need to realize is that any strategy will take time to show results. This is important because impatience can get the best of anybody. But changing strategies every few months mean starting from scratch over and over again. Creating a winning medical SEO strategy will help keep your business on the right track to grow organic visibility and traffic.

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Even using Google Adwords or Facebook ads will take a little time to gain traction. Luckily, there is no lull in the healthcare market – people get sick, injured, or rehab every day of the year. However, as a dentist, reaching those with ACL injuries won’t do much for your business.

That’s where content and search engine optimization (SEO) help. Much like Google and Facebook ads, fine-tuning your content to reach a target audience will give you patients you can actually help. Working hand in hand with SEO, creating a high-quality blog post or great content for a service page will go a long way to helping your rankings.

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We won in 2019 for our incredible work on DiscoverOrg and RainKing.

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Content For Digital Marketing

When creating content for medical marketing, or any industry really, there has to be a very clear plan of attack. For every one of our clients, Webfor performs a website audit to see what works and what doesn’t. Our SEO specialists are then able to determine which keywords or phrases are low-hanging fruit, ripe for the plucking.

From there, we create content to give your site more authority. Let’s consider an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Does the site have specific service pages for ears, noses, and throats? Do each of those service pages have specific service pages?

Let’s look at this visually!

As you can see, there is a top-level service page, individual service pages, and then individual services within a service page. All of those link to pieces of content specific to individual pages. The design of the page can help with the content, too, making it easy to find.

This is known as a site map and will direct your content strategy directly. The more pages on your site that satisfy a searcher’s intent, the more Google will recognize your authority. Although we are focusing on content, there are other ways to get your site in Google’s good graces, such as:


You’re only as good as the company you keep. Getting a backlink from the Mayo Clinic is great. Getting a backlink from Al’s Hot Backlink Service is not.

Tags, Metas, and More

Much of what Google is looking for is what happens behind the scenes. Ever hover over a picture and see a little description? That’s an image alt tag and helps Google know what the picture is of.

Time On Page

The longer people stay on your site, the better. Web users can be a fickle bunch – if they can’t find what they need right away, they’ll bail. Page design is a huge factor in that respect.

Constant Updates

This touches on content, but by adding new content on a regular basis (blogs, white papers, videos, etc.), Google will know the site is still active.

You Need Content – Quality Content

Language, images, even colors are important in any marketing campaign. It’s even more vital for a healthcare marketing strategy. Privacy is important, understanding that urgent and emergency aren’t interchangeable, and other verbiage specific to the industry is important.

Even more important is finding the words that your potential patients use. At Webfor, we have several tools at our disposal to make sure your content reaches your audience. We review top pages and use that information to craft content that satisfies searcher intent as well as Google.

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For more than a decade, Webfor has been helping clients in the medical field expand their digital marketing efforts and reach their goals. Whether it’s a site upgrade, building a new site, or just tidying up an existing site, we are a complete digital marketing agency.

Need help, but not sure where to start? Reach out to Webfor today. We’ll analyze your site, compile the information, and give you recommendations on how we can help – at no cost you. And that’s as welcome as a cavity-free mouth, a stable spine, or 20/20 vision.

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