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How to get found for Medical Services

In a crowded field such as medical services, being found online among the regional providers, other local medical facilities, and major hospitals in your area can be a chore. When you include health insurance companies, centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services, and other federal government websites dealing with the health care field, you might have better luck going door to door.

Don’t change career paths just yet. Although it’s a lot of work, being found for your specialty is still a possibility. But it takes a combination of strategies, careful planning, and consistent follow-through. Or you can just hire Webfor to grow your Medical SEO and organic visibility, and spend your time providing primary care to your patients.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Need more convincing? Here is a wide-range look at how we help our customers gain a foothold in the digital marketing world. It’s more than an easy to use website, understandable navigation, result-worthy content, consistent SEO audits, and web design that won’t choke servers or wifi connections.

That’s a lot of stuff to consider. Let’s take a quick look at the features, factors, and facets that go into making a website findable:


Also known as user experience, this is a very cerebral look at your site and how users interact with it. There are services available that can track how far people scroll your site before leaving, how much time they spend on the site, and where they exit the “sales funnel” the most during the all-important purchase process.

Web Design

Much of the UX depends on how well your health services website looks to first-time and repeat visitors. That’s an important distinction, by the way. A website needs to refresh its look every year or so, but changing the navigation, primary colors, or even your logo every other month will just confuse regular clients. Your website should be easy to navigate, call to actions must be clear and readily accessible, and information easy to read.


This is mentioned a lot, but only because it’s so important. If visitors come to your site from a Google My Business listing or other directories, they’ll end up on your home page. How long will it take for them to find spinal adjustments or schedule an orthodonture appointment? If they can’t find the answers they’re looking for in a few seconds, you’ve lost them for good.

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Search Engine Optimization

Otherwise known as SEO, how well your site is optimized for search engines will play a large part in your website getting found. In the vast majority of cases, people will be using Google to perform their searches, so it’s important to know what Google is looking for.

Beyond those 20 or 30 factors that go into their algorithm, making sure your basic information (address, phone number, etc.) is consistent around the web is a must. All of that together – and more – go into a successful SEO strategy.


A picture may paint a thousand words, but a successful web page will also need a few words of their own. That’s the interesting thing about content – it can be almost anything. Words, pictures, .pdfs, videos, infographics.

If it’s visible on the site, it’s content. But is it quality content? SEO plays a big part in this part of your website, too. By finding keywords or phrases that people use to find your particular specialty, content can be written to satisfy those searches.


This has less to do with your website and more to do with understanding your potential patients. Both Google Adwords and Facebook ads allow you to target specific demographics in your area. If you’re a dentist in Vancouver, WA, what’s the point of advertising to someone in Sacramento?

Creating a patient-focused experience people appreciate.

There is one advantage to being a small operation when it comes to potential clients looking for doctors, hospitals, or health care specialists online. When calling you, patients won’t have to deal with call centers or working their way through call menus that last five minutes. Are you equipped to handle calls as they come in?

Even if you are found when folks are finding a doctor or plan visiting a clinic – do you have a process in place to make sure those people are being contacted ASAP? It’s one thing to be found – it’s something else entirely to make sure those potential patients get the customer service they need.

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