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How to optimize your site for Medical SEO?

For increased traffic and overall long-term success, a business website needs to be easy to use, with clear call-to-actions, and content that is both informative and quick to digest. Think about your own internet usage: how often are you spending 10-minutes reading an online article about… anything?

The general public is just half of the puzzle to achieving high search engine rankings. The website must also be pleasing to Google – the self-made monolith of search. Handling around 80 percent of the searches in the U.S., making nice with Google is your first concern.

For medical or healthcare Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your job becomes a little harder. Okay, maybe a lot harder. There is such a range of specialties in the health care field, it’s easy to get swept away in a digital marketing tsunami. However, Webfor is here with a lifeboat – or at least a life preserver. Webfor is an award-winning digital marketing agency that understands what it takes to help your medical business grow. Take for example our refined process of how we create a content strategy for medical businesses, we have honed this process in to provide the most value and visibility for our clients. Webfor is the best partner to help you grow your medical SEO visibility.

Dentists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, in-home care, hospice care, the variety of medical practices is staggering. Then multiply that number by how many healthcare organizations are competing for a specific practice. It’s enough to make a healthcare practitioner become a fisherman.

For our purposes here, let’s work with a somewhat vague healthcare industry position – physical therapy. Although it seems specific on its face, what kind of physical therapy are you offering? Who are your prospective patients? What kind of traffic do you want to bring to your website?

Your Specialty, Your SEO

Physical therapy can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Rehabbing after knee surgery, massage therapy to address soreness from your job, chiropractic work from a car accident, and so many more. There are pediatric and geriatric therapists.

Searching for “physical therapists vancouver wa” returns well over 11 million results. When working on your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to focus on what’s been working for you. Are most of your patients’ high school and college athletes? Or is that an area you want to break into?

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A search of “sports physical therapy vancouver wa” cuts the original result total to under five million. “High school sports physical therapy vancouver wa” is a little less, “high school athletic sports physical therapy vancouver wa” cuts that total in half.

That’s part of what SEO is. A guessing game to find out which keywords or phrases have the least amount of competition while still providing a healthy amount of traffic. However, for a medical SEO specialist, there really isn’t any guesswork to it.

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We won in 2019 for our incredible work on DiscoverOrg and RainKing.

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You Have Your Tools, We Have Ours

When working with specific parts of the body, a therapist has an array of equipment. Something as simple as a rolled-up towel to work the hips or as advanced as a cold laser therapy device to work the nervous system. As the saying goes, the right tool for the right job.

Digital marketing is no different. Our tools of the trade include traffic reports, website analytics, local search information and more. Instead of guessing at what people in Vancouver, WA, are looking for, we can find out in a few keystrokes. However, just like you, if we don’t get the results we need, we may try poking around for a little more info.

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You went to school to become an expert in the field, our medical SEO specialists learn something new every day. When Google stopped returning desktop websites on mobile devices, those paying attention made sure their sites were mobile-friendly. Changes can occur on a yearly or even monthly basis.

Behind The Scenes

SEO often drives the content marketing plan by suggesting needed service web pages or blog post ideas. However, without the appropriate title tags, alt tags, or meta descriptions to drive traffic to your website, Shakespeare would have a hard time ranking for anything. Although his name recognition would certainly give him a boost.

Until you have that kind of juice, you’ll need to use all available resources. Using social media to direct traffic back to your site, paying for Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, and making sure all of your basic information is consistent across all platforms and directories.

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For every medical SEO marketing plan, we audit the website, compare it to the performance of of the competition, and present recommendations for the business. If it makes sense to start going after the high school or college athlete, we’ll develop a marketing strategy to start targeting those views.

Once you reach the top of the mountain (so to speak), and your online presence begins to grow, we can start moving on to the bigger competition. The healthcare industry is dominated by regional and national corporations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dominate the local market. All it takes is some time and the right plan.

The End Result

After months of rehabbing, when your client is back to competing in football, tennis, or the 300 hurdles better than before, you know you’ve done your job. That’s how Webfor feels when we see our clients climb the ladder. It’s even our motto: “We treat your business like it’s our own.”

When your calendar begins to fill with appointments, we swell with pride. When a particular PPC (pay per click) campaign doesn’t perform as it should, we get with the client to rethink the strategy. We meet on a monthly basis – or more – with our clients to make sure we’re delivering what we’ve promised.

As with a digital marketing plan, there isn’t just one facet of a website that will bring your site to the winners podium. Medical SEO powers the content that catches the attention of Google with clear, concise, informative writing. Clean website design with easy to follow navigation increase time spent on the site, another piece of the Google algorithm.

Is it time to upgrade your website, or even develop a site from the ground up? Let’s get started! Fill out a contact form and we’ll call you, analyze your needs, and make recommendations – all for free! You’ll see what more than 10 years of digital marketing experience can do for you and what you can do for all of those new patients.

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