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A small business’s best chance at outranking the big guys


The value of local SEO is its ability to make your site competitive against large, nationwide brands. Local SEO creates an even playing field where small business can actually have an advantage over those “big guys.” While there’s a lot of moving parts to a successful strategy for local SEO services for businesses, the end goal is the same: to drive organic traffic to your company website and increase online conversions.

Optimizing your website for local search involves all of the same techniques used for organic SEO, but focuses on some specific factors, such as on-site optimization and local listing management. That being said, Google makes about 500-600 algorithm updates every year, continually adjusting the environment you need to rank in. While most changes are minor, some can have major impacts on local search engine rankings that determine where your company website appears on search results. How can you be expected to keep up with these constant updates? You don’t have to with a local SEO specialist whose job it is to stay on top of these changes and make your web pages as search engine friendly as possible through white hat SEO services proven to work.

While Google may seem like a baffling monolith of the internet, its updates show there’s a clear pattern favoring a specific search engine optimization process we can follow. More emphasis is being put back onto on-site optimization and Google’s location tracking has been vastly improved, giving its robots the ability to pinpoint a user’s local search results more closely. These updates offer major relief to smaller, local businesses that are seeking a greater portion of that traffic. Interested in ranking your business across a number of different locations? We can help you with your multiple location rankings.

There are a number of local SEO factors that go into properly optimizing your website pages and content to appease our Google overlords and boost your rankings. Here’s an overview of what local search engine optimization is all about and how it makes your business a strong competitor in an ever-growing online marketplace.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization


On-site optimization is the process of making your webpages as friendly to Google’s crawling robots (yes, they’re really called that) as possible. The easier you can make it for those little crawlers to identify what a page is about, the better your page can rank for relevant searches. Another factor critical to local SEO in particular is adding your city or region with a relevant keyword to your landing page. Robots that crawl the site recognize that correlation and will have your site rank higher based on those relevant keywords.  

Beyond that, Google crawlers pay close attention to a web page’s title tag, url structure, alt text and more. We’ll clean up your URLs and optimize every page, making sure all of your tags and headings are keyword relevant, descriptive and concise. We are true perfectionists when it comes to onsite local SEO because getting these factors right for every page pays dividends for rankings and domain authority, ensuring that your business is being seen and accessed by a large, relevant audience.

Citations and Local Listing Management


There are hundreds, if not thousands of online directories where businesses are listed with a name, address, and phone number (referred to as NAP). And to rank well in local search, especially where Google Maps is concerned, it’s critical that your NAP is consistent across all of these local listing websites. In addition, Google My Business is a relatively new feature that every business should be using to its full potential. When making a Google My Business account, you want to brand your name the same way everywhere online. Our local SEO specialists will work with you to ensure your company’s NAP is consistent across the board.

If you’ve ever moved your office or changed your phone number, your business listings are likely a mess of outdated and incorrect information. If this is the case, your local search engine rankings could be suffering as search engines are unsure whether to trust a certain address or phone number. Consistency is key, which is why a local SEO specialist should handle your local listing management to ensure that your business information is the same across the web, boosting the trustworthiness of your site and local search engine rankings.

Local SEO Content

“Content is King” because content is quite literally everything you read online. The internet is made of content. From the perspective of users, content goes a long way in creating a brand that’s trustworthy, professional, cutting-edge – you name it. In the realm of SEO, content strategy serves to to improve search engine rankings with keywords that target your ideal audience. Our local SEO content writers know how to balance their writing so that’s optimized for both search engines and online readers. Well-written content also plays another important role by earning back links and driving traffic, all of which factor heavily into strengthening local SEO for businesses.

Schema Markup

The term “schema markup” may sound foreign to even the most well-versed marketing manager. Truthfully, it sounds more like what a Disney villain names the rough draft of his evil plot. But schema actually a language that search engines use to improve the way results appear on your browser. For example, a page with schema markup can appear with a star rating, list of events, or links to related products, straight on the results page. This is especially useful to improve user experience and show your target audience information from your website that’s highly relevant to their search. If you want your office hours, reviews, or restaurant menus to be displayed in search, a local SEO specialist from Webfor has the expertise to have your most important company information appear high on search results.

Choose a local search engine optimization company that provides real value – and has the track record to prove it.

While we want to help every local business improve their local search engine rankings and generate new business, we take care in limiting the number of local clients we work with in a specific industry. Serving more than just a few roofers in the Portland area, for example, would be a conflict of interest. To see our local search strategies in action, take a look at case studies of our clients who saw their their bottom line grow with our local SEO for small business process.

As a local search engine company committed to your success, we only employ white hat SEO services, earning backlinks and growing organic traffic the right way. Our goal is to become an invaluable partner and trusted adviser for all your local search engine optimization needs, and we’ll work toward that goal by consistently providing you with exceptional outcomes and return on your investment. After all, what’s a promise without results?

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