Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is an even playing field where small business can actually have an advantage over larger nationwide brands.


Optimizing your website for local search involves all of the same techniques used for organic SEO, but focuses on some specific factors.

Google’s recent Pidgeon update resulted in a couple significant changes for local SEO. More emphasis was put back onto onsite optimization and Google’s location tracking was improved, giving them the ability to pinpoint a user’s local search results more closely.

Interested in ranking your business across all your locations? We can help you with your multiple location rankings.

On-Site Optimization

optimizing-your-websiteWe are true perfectionists when it comes to onsite SEO. We’ll optimize every corner of your site starting with a simple URL structure.

Here’s a question: Could someone remember your latest blog post URL and type in it later? If it has numbers and symbols mixed with too many slashes and dashes, then probably not.

We’ll clean up your URLs and optimize every page, making sure all of your tags and headings are keyword relevant, descriptive, and concise.


local-seoThere are hundreds, if not thousands of online directories where businesses are listed with a name, address, and phone number (referred to as NAP). And to rank well in local search, especially where maps are concerned, it is critical that your NAP is consistent across all of these websites.

If you’ve ever moved your office or changed your phone number, your business listings are likely a mess of outdated and incorrect information. If this is the case, your rankings could be suffering as search engines are unsure whether to trust a certain address or phone number.

The most worrisome part about messy citations is that in many cases it’s no easy fix. Fortunately, our SEO specialists have the skills and tools required to make NAP corrections and clean up your listings.


People keep saying “Content is King” because in the realm of SEO, nothing speaks louder than words. The quality of your website’s content is critical to user experience, which will make or break local buying decisions. Great content will also earn links and drive traffic, all of which factor heavily into local SEO. Our writers have the unique ability to craft content with both the user and search engines in mind, making you the king of local search results.

Schema Markup

If you’re not familiar with SEO this probably sounds foreign, and in truth, it is. Schema is essentially a language adopted by search engines to allow for better crawling and display methods in local search results. If you want your office hours, reviews, or restaurant menu to be displayed in search, we’ll have you speaking fluent schema in no time.

UX & Responsive Design

When Internet users visit your website, in about three seconds they make a judgement about your business. The colors, the layout, the headlines and fonts, they all matter more than you might think. And if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, well, you can guess what will happen. Our designers are experts in creating a user experience that not only keeps them on the page, but inspires them to click through and convert.


If you’re seeing your bounce rate go up along with mobile traffic, then it’s past time to consider a responsive redesign. Rather than creating a completely separate mobile website, our designers will give you one beautiful website that will shrink to fit and be optimized for use on any device.

Choose a full service SEO company that cares enough to treat your business like their own.

While we want to help every local business improve their search engine rankings and generate new business, we take care in limiting the number of local clients we work with in a specific industry. Serving more than just a few roofers in the Portland area, for example, would be a conflict of interest. Our goal is to become an invaluable partner and trusted advisor for all your search marketing needs, and we’ll work towards this goal by consistently providing you with exceptional outcomes and return on your investment. After all, what’s a promise without results?

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