Crafting a friendly, conversion-focused design around a historically clinical and daunting industry

Finished Redesign for Weightwise


The team of bariatric surgeons and health professionals at WeightWise have created a comprehensive weight loss program that has transformed the lives of their patients. But to reach and help more people in need, they realized it was their brand & web presence that needed a makeover.


  • Design a modern, friendly brand
  • Create a conversion-focused web presence
  • Improve ranking in nationwide search
  • Increase online and in-person seminar registrations


  • complete rebrand

    Design a new logo and fresh brand elements that motivate the target audience in their journeys to health and fitness.

  • responsive website

    Give them a modern website that seamlessly adjusts for use on any device, from desktop and laptop to tablet and mobile.

  • targeted PPC

    Develop an ad strategy aimed at web users in specific locations who’ve already shown interest in weight loss surgery.

  • link earning

    Increase relevance and qualified traffic by earning links on the most trusted websites in the health and fitness realm.

  • citation management

    Build search engine trust and improve rankings by cleaning up inconsistent business listings in online directories.

Rebranding WeightWise

Old Weightwise Logo
New Logo Design Process
Weightwise Final Logo Design

Weight Wise had a very masculine and mechanical brand that used a very recognizable typeface from the Spider-Man films. Because of this the message and symbolism was not serving the business behind the brand.

In a departure from our normal process, we started with color palate, a soft blue for trust, a golden yellow for energy, and a lush natural green for life and health.

A loose, asymmetrical, drawn logo combined with sans-serif humanist typography completed the approachable and modern look we were after.

WeightWise’s new web presence

Rather than building two new websites—one for desktop and another for mobile—we built WeightWise one responsive site that adapts to fit any screen size. As it shrinks from desktop to smartphone, prioritized design elements become more prominent, leading users to the information they need to shrink their bodies no matter which device they use to find it.

With the new site up and running, we used an innovative heat mapping tool to point out the most popular visitor pathways and identify pain points. Using this data we were able to make effective changes in the design, leading to an even better user experience and more seminar sign ups than ever.


Like any new project, we started our SEO strategy with research, and lots of it. We took a deep dive into the bariatric surgery market, getting to know the unique questions, needs, and desires (a.k.a. keywords) of those struggling with obesity and considering surgery as a solution.

We also analyzed WeightWise’s competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses on the web.

That gave us all the information we needed to execute a genius ongoing SEO strategy, which involves onsite optimization, content creation and promotion (including PPC landing pages), and high-value link earning.

We continue to reach out to top publishers in the niche for the most trustworthy in-context recommendations, and our writers communicate regularly with WeightWise patients to share their incredible journeys— because everybody loves a successful transformation story.

We also work closely with the WeightWise social media team to integrate new content into their posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.


WeightWise’s success in helping people lose weight and lead healthier lives is now matched by the success of their web presence. Website traffic and sessions are up, PPC costs are down, and they’ve remained penalty-free through both Penguin and Panda algorithm changes. But, the best result of all is the one that impacts their business and their bottom line the most: and that’s seminar sign ups.

increased sessions year over year
organic traffic increase year over year since 2012
mobile traffic increase year over year
total traffic increase year over year

No negative impacts from Penguin or Panda updates since Webfor’s SEO strategy has been implemented

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