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Successful Search Engine Optimization Requires Adaptability

If you live and work in Seattle, the very heart of the Silicon Forest, your customers are some of the most web-savvy in the country. The next time you stroll down to Pike Place Market, look around and see how many passersby are on their mobile devices, checking email, perusing websites for services they need, and reviewing those companies. If you don’t see at least one, we’ll buy you a coffee.

Unless you spend your working hours focused on the latest algorithm changes and attaining expert-level skills, it can be quite difficult to manage the ebb and flow of the SEO-industry’s tides. However, the UX bar is higher than ever, and it has never been more essential to establish an easy, memorable user experience for your customers, one that will keep them coming back again and again.

The ultimate purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to your website and create awareness of your business, right where your target customers are. However, this requires consistent monitoring and implementation of a wide variety of tactics.

We specifically calibrate our SEO services to deliver you the results you want and outpace your competitors.


With over 100 billion searches per month on the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing), the “buying decisions” influenced by these search engines represent the largest economy in the world.

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We understand the unique SEO challenges of Seattle businesses.

One Agency, All of the SEO Services That Make Your Business Soar

New Customers find your website via search engines more than any other vehicle, so it is vital that you join forces with an SEO agency that provides exceptional results, every time.

A comprehensive SEO strategy for your business may look very different from what we put in place for another company in another industry. The following are some of the services we tailor to best serve your goals:


All successful SEO campaigns begin with keyword research. We start by asking you what words your potential clients may be searching for when they look for your products or services.

Next, we identify the relevant keyword phrases that will bring your business traffic and use them to target a specific demographic, driving qualified users to your site and converting them into bona fide, paying customers.

Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis

If you want to surpass your competitors, you must learn how they operate. We determine your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their SEO strategy, using a variety of proven tools and methods. We use this information to help us build an airtight SEO strategy, from the ground up.


The sole purpose of SEO is to make your website user-trusted and search engine-friendly. Our team provides optimization for your site’s coding, structure, and presentation so it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engine robots, who read the data and assess it for quality.

Webfor’s website optimization includes:

  • Improving website load times
  • Updating the relevance of your keywords
  • Developing and implementing an internal linking strategy
  • Refining on site SEO factors, including title tags, meta tags, image alt tags, content markup, canonical urls, url structure, and many more.

We make continual recommendations for increasing the quality of your site’s content and seek to update and improve its navigation and design for optimal usability.

Onsite SEO
Conversion Rate Optimization

You gotta have a plan, man!

Creating a new website with goals in mind is essential to getting where you want to go. You wouldn’t embark on a road trip without a map. In the same way, having goals in mind as your site develops will convert users into paying customers.

We design and build your website to compel users to complete the actions that you want them to, and track those movements so you can see what’s working. Those actions may include:

  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Resource downloads
  • Product purchasing
  • Contacts

While not every one of the above involve users spending money, all of them serve to guide  behavior in a direction that boosts your bottom line in future.

We use multiple methods to determine which conversion factors are working for you and which could be more effective. Using A/B testing or multivariate testing, we complete multiple variations of your site’s text, images, and layout and observe which convert visitors at a higher rate.

Our team of expert, skilled, web design professionals, with their exceptional understanding of user behavior, has a proven track record for providing the end results you desire.


Creating engaging and optimized images and written content for your website has never been more essential, so we position it at the very forefront of our search-related services. We employ in-house, professional writers to create unique visual and written storytelling that conveys the value of your services and delivers your marketing mission statements in a clear manner that appeals to both users and search engines.

Content Writing

Building an effective link strategy is vital to creating a healthy SEO campaign that truly serves your goals. Effective link building has changed over the years as Google has updated their algorithms to create the ultimate search experience for users.

Google’s Algorithm uses robot programs to crawl, index and analyze every link on every web page available on the Internet. They determine your website’s trust factor and industry relevance, looking for key indicators of value. Quality links pointing to your website are one of the many trust factors that they look for, and the more quality and topical websites that link to you, the better.

In order to succeed at this highly-ranked trust factor, a comprehensive link-building strategy is necessary. Our team works tirelessly to seek out the very best online opportunities for you and your business, providing your site with the connections it needs to thrive.

The best SEO campaigns employ a varied approach. Our strategies involve both active and passive linking. Active involves seeking out high-quality links, and passive involves websites choosing to link to you without being asked because your content is just that engaging and valuable.

The following are examples of strategic methods we use to help acquire the very best quality links to your website:

  • Content creation and promotion
  • PR and outreach
  • High quality directory submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Involvement in social communities
  • Many, many more!

Link earning strategies come in many different forms. Some involve direct/active acquisition of those links, while others are passive (meaning websites link to you not because you have asked, but because you create interesting and valuable content).

Just a few examples of the tactics we may utilize to help acquire quality links to your website:

  • Content creation and promotion
  • PR & outreach
  • Social bookmarking
  • Selective quality directory submissions
  • Leveraging social communities
  • 100’s of other tactics

Search engines and the people that design them work around the clock to personalize search results, connecting their users with the best possible local businesses in relation to their query. This is a major playing field for small businesses, where you can outrank larger competition and grab the business you deserve in your local arena.

Local search engine optimization utilizes all of the elements of a traditional SEO campaign, with the addition of a few specifically targeted tactics, which we tailor to serve your specific business:

  • Creation and optimization of citations
  • Google listing creation/optimization
  • Landing pages targeting specific locations
  • Leveraging schema markup

Some of the ways we help you achieve the goal of higher exposure in local search include

  • Creating/optimizing your Google Listings
  • Citation creation and optimization
  • Location-themed landing pages
  • Utilization of Schema markup

If you work with clients outside of your local area, nationwide rankings could help take your business to the next level.

Ranking nationwide for key terms puts you in a more competitive market than local search, as many more businesses also want what you’re after. However, the results can be astronomical and 100% worth your investment. With an SEO company by your side with the training, experience, and passion to implement and manage nationwide campaigns, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.


If you have products to sell online, you’ve come to the right place. Our specialists are expertly trained and equipped to handle this very specific type of SEO. While much of the optimization we conduct for ecommerce sites is similar to what we do for other types of sites, there are a few paramount differences.

Making your site search-engine friendly depends on using the correct shopping-cart software. Because some shopping carts don’t allow customers to create unique meta data, certain e-commerce sites cannot be properly optimized for search-engine success. We’re here to help and will rebuild your site or work on an existing ecommerce platform to ensure excellent results.


It’s obvious: you want to provide the very best customer experience possible. However, even the most attentive businesses occasionally provide a less-than-excellent customer experience. Some customers actually enjoy crafting and leaving defamatory reviews about your business, regardless of the quality of service received. Because negative reviews can affect your ROI, online reputation management is essential.

We use a variety of techniques to build a positive impression of your business and respond to and reconcile with users who share legitimate complaints. By working with clients to solve problems, and applying what you have learned to your internal processes, reputation management can be a positive learning experience that creates harmony with current and future clients and boosts your business endeavors.

Our team closely monitors your online reputation with an ear to the social-media ground, watching what others are saying about you on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, popular review sites like Yelp, news stories and blog comments. We remove unfavorable reviews while simultaneously flooding the web with positive images, blogs and articles, press releases, and social media comments, crafting an improved online image and improving your SEO along the way.

Social Media Marketing

One of our primary goals is to help you build, implement, and manage social media efforts that boost your SEO, online image, and connection to your customers.

Social media generates interest in your business and site traffic in a unique way, connecting users with common interests through interaction and frequently updated content. Through social media, you can discover your customers’ interests and fine-tune your demographic, while discovering opportunities for new markets.

While this exceptional tool may not at first seem like a fit for every business, we have found that even minimal social media engagement can improve brand recognition and boost your SEO through social signals, an important SEO ranking factor.


Tracking your website’s traffic and conversions through Google Analytics is no longer a maybe. No better way exists to assess the viability of your web campaigns and determine what is and is not working for your business than to set up an analytics account, which is often free.

We are specifically trained in analytics and can determine where your users come from and how they are using your website. With this information, we build and refine airtight marketing initiatives that convert, reducing problematic factors like bounce rate along the way. We collect and package this data into monthly reports sent to your email inbox and schedule monthly in-person or conferenced meetings to review this information in detail.

We’ll break down your progress in ranking for targeted keywords, review traffic from your last 30 days and year-over-year, and discuss opportunities for further growth. With your feedback, we make ongoing adjustments and continue to raise the bar in data analysis.

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