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Alex Castrillo

Account Manager

Hi! I’m Alex. I joined the Webfor Team in April of 2019. Born and raised in the Philippines, my family and I moved to the USA to migrate in 2012. During this transition, I’ve grown an interest with people from different upbringing and their stories. You wouldn’t expect the stories that people have just by looking at them, it’s fascinating.

My career journey goes back 5 years from leading a Customer Service team to managing over 150 accounts in the Screen Printing Industry. Shortly after, I joined the marketing team and fell in love with the process and the power of Digital Marketing. Which then lead me to Webfor, where I get the best of both worlds, working with people while exploring the world of Digital Marketing.

When I’m not working with my team or my clients,  I’m working on my Photography, Graphic Design, going on a drive, or just hanging out with my wife, dog, and cat.

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