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Chief Heart Officer

Woof! Hi, I’m Buddy and I’m the Chief Heart Officer here at Webfor – which is a pet-friendly marketing agency. The job market is pretty competitive out there for pets like me, so I’m extremely grateful to be part of such an amazing team!

I was born and currently live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, State of Washington. Most of my day consists of lots of petting, taking naps, and enjoying the company of my family. I’ve learned some fun skills like sit, up, down, stay, shake, and speak. I absolutely love treats and can’t get enough but have to be careful about what I eat since I have extreme allergies. I enjoy playing tug-a-war, run and fetch rope, sticks, and ball toys, tearing apart stuffed animals well let’s just say my goal is to pull out all the stuffing (mom doesn’t like when I do this it’s quite a mess), take an adventure over to my Grammi and Papa’s house so I can play with my their sweet doggos and I get super excited to see all my neighborhood dog friends too. I absolutely love to be around humans and always look forward to meeting new friends!

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