Nick Bradman

Nick Bradman

Senior SEO Specialist

Hi, I’m Nick! As a Senior SEO on our team, I bring a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking to the table. My journey began in 2011 when I launched my first website and quickly learned the importance of organic search optimization. I’ve always had a passion for solving complex problems, so through this experience, I was drawn to the world of SEO.

Throughout my career, I’ve embraced challenges head-on, and my natural curiosity has led me to continually learn and adapt in this ever-evolving field. I believe that staying updated with the latest SEO trends and algorithms is crucial for success. My role as a Senior SEO allows me to apply my creative problem-solving skills, and I take great pride in improving our clients’ online visibility. 

When I’m not optimizing websites, you can often find me jamming with my band, where I channel my creative energy into making music. It’s this combination of analytical thinking and creative flair that makes me a valuable asset to our team, and I’m excited to continue growing alongside it.

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