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Patrick Fiorentino

Patrick Fiorentino

Web Developer

Hi, I’m Patrick! I joined the Webfor team in early 2020 and couldn’t be happier! I was born and raised on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Son of a school teacher and a fishing captain I was raised in the moss and fern-covered forests of Kodiak, adventuring and playing drums in my bedroom while watching the rain. While growing up and throughout high school, I worked on my fathers commercial fishing boat, the F/V Hail Mary. After high school, I moved to the Pacific Northwest and have lived here ever since.

I have been a web developer since 2014 and have worked in start-ups as well as digital marketing agencies with a focus on Front End Development and UI/UX. I love collaboration and using my imagination as well as problem solving and creativity so web development has been a perfect career for me. I’m a huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd and cat enthusiast, I can talk about both for hours, so please ask. My orange tabby, Floki, is the cutest and most adventurous little trickster.

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