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Randy Holland

Randy Holland

Senior SEO Specialist

As a former beer truck delivery driver, I permanently parked my tractor-trailer truck and chose to pursue a career in digital marketing. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Media and Digital Culture (CMDC) from Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV) in 2009.

With more than 11+ years of experience as an SEO Specialist, I am passionate about SEO and have a thorough understanding of the tiny details that add up and contribute to the bigger picture of a brand’s overall marketing strategy.

My focus is to help fulfill Webfor’s prime objective by meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations using relationship, results, and ROI. I work creatively and collaboratively with the Webfor team while passionately producing high-quality work with a mix of fun and positive vibes.

A native to the northwest, I enjoy the plethora of outdoor activities the region has to offer including hiking, kayaking, fishing, and rock climbing. My wife (from Germany) and I travel regularly to her hometown of Schwerin, Germany to visit family and explore other countries in Europe with our son Nicholas.

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