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14 Million Americans Scanned QR Codes Last Month

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Earlier this year, we highlighted what QR codes are all about. Now that they are fairly commonplace on the market, there is solid data on who takes part in this relatively new marketing tool.

According to comScore, a company that analyzes digital marketing intelligence, 14 Million Americans Scanned QR or Bar Codes on their Mobile Phones in last month alone. Those 14 million people represent 6.2 percent of the total mobile market.

For those with no knowledge of what a QR code is, the phrase stands for “quick response code.” With a simple software download, smartphone users in scan these codes in advertisements (magazine, billboards, etc.) to access special online promotions.

“QR codes demonstrate just one of the ways in which mobile marketing can effectively be integrated into existing media and marketing campaigns to help reach desired consumer segments,” said Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president of mobile. “For marketers, understanding which consumer segments scan QR codes, the source and location of these scans, and the resulting information delivered, is crucial in developing and deploying campaigns that successfully utilize QR codes to further brand engagement.”

QR codes are a youth-driven marketing device. More than half of all QR code scanners were between the ages of 18 and 34 from the comScore stud – that’s 53.4 percent of all users.

The power of QR codes is that it’s virtual marketing technology that can be integrated into traditional advertisement mediums. The majority of QR code scanning is done in magazines, newspapers, or on product packaging. However, it’s important to realize that this is a versatile form of marketing. Traditionally, you are marketed to through television, newspapers and magazines. But with QR codes, companies can market to you through these vehicles, but also in grocery stores, retail establishments, restaurants, at work, or even on the streets.

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