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Since 2009, Webfor has been working with a wide variety of business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies in the health care, technology, manufacturing, and service industries. Whether it’s a small construction outfit or a global networking firm, we treat each website as if it were our own.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, of course. For example, every client may need help with search engine optimization. But while one client needs help with a localized on-page strategy, a larger enterprise client may require an in-depth technical SEO treatment.

We’ve developed websites from the ground up for major hospitals, redesigned websites for an industrial label retailer, and overhauled PPC campaigns for a nationwide educational institution. No matter if you’re white-collar or blue, local to the Portland-Vancouver area or international, Webfor has the experience to upgrade your digital marketing strategy and keep it elevated throughout our relationship.

Health Care

We’ve implemented SEO improvements to drive traffic, designed E-commerce sites, and more for clients in the medical profession. We’ve completed website development projects for a major hospital, local content strategies for dental professionals, monthly site optimization for a regional bariatric surgery center in the Midwest, and improved search rankings for a medical billing consultant. We’ve also worked with sleep apnea professionals who design applications to help their patients sleep at night.


When an existing client – a concrete precaster – needed additional websites for their ever-expanding business, they didn’t hesitate to continue working with us. They now have an online presence throughout the Pacific Northwest (and even the occasional inquiry from the East Coast). Another client builds precast restrooms for use at community areas, campgrounds, and other areas without existing infrastructure.


We count industrial construction companies, local luxury remodelers, and roofers as our clients. In many cases, these companies didn’t have a functioning website. Some of these businesses were frustrated by “off-the-shelf” website templates and hosting plans that didn’t allow for much or any flexibility when creating a website. Webfor’s website plans and hosting services fixed those problems for them. In addition to making their sites more user-friendly, we also increased the number of quality visits and improved their keyword rankings.


From teaching you how to play the drums to create drum loops on a digital audio workstation, our educational clients range from a single local music school to an international institution that has more than 250 locations throughout the United States and Canada. We’ve also assisted a community college to improve its outreach program for high school students looking to earn college credits.


We’ve provided a wide range of work for this quite-varied category. Attorneys that work throughout Washington and Oregon, a nationwide adoption agency, and regional electricians. Window tinters, fence builders, a sign company that will turn your car into a moving billboard, and a vet clinic that has locations in five states. If you have a service to offer, we’ll get you in front of the people that need it.


We’ve provided exhaustive marketing solutions for a global leader in data center solutions, a company that helps engineer data centers, and a corporation that designs security for those data centers. We’ve worked with clients that have created their own proprietary point of sale systems and a company that designs trains, and consults on customized Microsoft applications.

Business To Business

We’ve won awards for our SEO work with ZoomInfo and developed integrated digital strategies (SEO, Paid, Social, Content, and more) for global Fortune 500 companies. We are unique in that we have experience at every level and can speak with authority in order to gain traction within larger organizations. We customize our services to complement your internal team and help make them even more effective.

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