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Digital Marketing Strategy Services

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Most businesses chase individual tactics without a comprehensive marketing strategy in place to tie them together. With an overall strategy in place, you’ll be able to increase the effectiveness of each individual tactic, all working in sync to reach established goals. This presents you with an amazing opportunity to step up and stand out with a uniquely integrated marketing strategy.

“Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat.” ~ Sun Tzu

Digital Marketing Strategy Services
Your Marketing Strategy Is More than just Your Blueprint for Success
64.9%Increase in keyword ranking YOY across all clients.
20-30%Increase to conversion rates through A/B testing.

Proprietary Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Webfor has developed a proprietary marketing strategy framework that encompasses strategy and makes it part of the ongoing fabric of who you are as a company. When you internalize strategy as part of who you are, you will be blown away by the results.

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Your Digital Marketing Strategy Must Be Part of Who You Are

Your marketing strategy is not just a strategic plan on how to market to your customer. It is the process of identifying who you are and aligning that with how you serve your customers. This strategy must reach your customers at the highest level across their varied experiences.

Your customers’ needs and desires are continually changing. If you want to win their business and gain more market share you need to be focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

This means you need to be ready to adapt right along with your customers. Once you know your customer, you can anticipate their needs and deliver on them even before they provide feedback.

Whether you’re a global company or a small business, we’ve worked with companies like yours and helped them succeed. In fact, that is our stated Purpose – To Help People Succeed. It all starts with gaining a deeper understanding of your customers’ psychological needs.

Webfor Digital Agency
Your Marketing Strategy Must Be Part of Who You Are
digital marketing strategy
Know and Love Your Digital Marketing Customer

Know and Love Your Audience

If you understand your customer at the deepest level, then it isn’t as hard to create the right messaging that resonates. If you love your customers and want to serve them then you will continually do everything you can to listen and adapt to their ever changing needs. There are several ways to gain a deeper understanding of your customers fears, uncertainties, desires, behaviors and how they make decisions, including:

  • Audience Research & Insights
  • Competitor Research & Insights
  • Company Identity, Values, & Culture
  • Unique Value Proposition & Messaging
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Channel & Platform Insights

Develop Your Strategy based on the Deeper Understanding of Your Customer

This deep understanding of your customer, their psychological needs, and their behavior allows you to ensure the right messaging is getting to them at the right places and times. This is done through:

  • Developing the Strategic Channel Mix & Prioritization
  • Developing Your Topic/Value Map
  • Process Development
  • Plan for continual alignment and improvement in the identified areas
  • Strategy Visualization
  • Customer Experience Design/Optimization
  • Vertical Alignment Throughout Your Organization
What is your marketing strategy?
Develop Your Strategy based on the Deeper Understanding of Your Customer
SEO reporting and adjustments
Monitor, Measure, & Adapt the campaign

Monitor, Measure, & Adapt

By developing a measurement plan with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI), you’ll be able to monitor what’s working and what’s not. Then we’ll adjust the plan accordingly to maximize client experience, budget, and effectiveness through:

  • Developing KPI’s and Measurement Plan
  • Creating feedback loops (so you have your finger on the pulse of your customer)
  • Continuing to align and adapt based on the feedback loop(s) you have in place

If you want to grow and be the best, you need a well thought out customer centric marketing strategy. The good news is that we love meeting with great people and get excited about taking on new challenges and helping good companies succeed.

Let’s jump on a quick call (or send us a message) to better understand your needs and see if it’s something we feel would be a good fit.

We help people. That means you too. Get in touch for a free consultation and discovery session.

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Our marketing customers and partners tell it like it is.

“…team go above and beyond for our account. We appreciate the support they give, as well as the knowledge they pass on to us and our business. They acknowledge points that truly affect our business. Thank you!”

Beth Anderson / Simpson Plumbing
Marketing and Website Design

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