Google Webmaster Tools

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Google webmaster tools is a great tool for anybody with a web site. If you would like to see how Google sees your site, find out who is linking to your site, and make sure that Google is indexing all of your pages than you should set up a FREE Google webmaster tools account.

Building a search engine friendly site 

Google webmaster tools will provide you with a lot of information that will help in building a search engine friendly web site. 


See how Google views your site and make changes accordingly

Is Google crawling your site? Are they having problems indexing any of your web pages? There is an abundance of information to help you improve your website.

Find out who is linking to you

How many incoming links to your site are out there? Inbound links are gold in the land of SEO, so you need to know who is linking to you, what is their page rank, relevancy, etc. 

Submit your sitemap

If you would like to make sure Google is indexing every page of your site you can also upload your sitemap in Google’s webmaster tools.

Conclusion…Google webmaster tools has a lot of FREE stuff to help you improve your web site.