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Strategy and Approach

Susan Slaughter from Keto Consulting came to us with a challenging problem. She wanted to establish herself as a personable Keto consultant for both individuals and businesses. Her knowledge and experience through traveling created the perfect opportunity to merge her understanding of health, scheduling conflicts and the complexities of living and incredibly busy life.

We invested in Susan by developing a new site, something she didn’t really have before, without impacting her finances significantly. We love our people and we show that by giving back what we can to the local community.

The design is unique and vibrant. It flows smoothly and draws your eyes down the page. Our mission, was to design a healthy-living site without conforming to what all the other healthy-living websites look like.

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Bubbles, Pills and Pink

This unique design included a range of shapes not often seen on your “normal” website. This includes pill buttons, rounded corners and circular shapes which together, create a sense of fun.

Unique and stylish to set the brand apart.

Short and Sweet

The rounded corners/edges continue through the design of the site. In the sidebars and main content areas too. We couldn’t be more proud of this project and we’re thrilled to showcase this site in our portfolio of work.

The Keto Consulting website isn’t robust, but it’s short and sweet. Much like the recipes Susan provides. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, check out more of our work or browse our various client testimonial.

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“An incredible group of dedicated people. The timely manner they respond to my questions or comments shows they care about me and my web page. Always upfront as to progress of the design. Really listened to me and took the time to get to know me and my business and put it on my web page for me. Highly recommend!”

~ Susan Slaughter / Keto Consulting

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If you’re ready to get started then let’s discover your goals, pain points and generate a strategy to get you on the path you desire.

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