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Recording Connection Online Presence

Using a Marketing Strategy to Grow Online Presence

The Recording Radio Film Connection and CASA Schools (RRFC) is a nationwide educational institution that has more than 300 locations around the United States, Canada, and even Europe. But instead of a classroom, they place students/externs in a real-world environment to get one-on-one mentoring from working professionals.

For example, if you’re interested in becoming an audio engineer, RRFC puts you inside a working recording studio to learn alongside an experienced audio engineer.

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With remote learning, students also have the opportunity to learn from home, giving access to students who may not be close enough to a participating recording studio, film production company, radio station, or restaurant.

When RRFC came to Webfor, they had been experiencing a considerable drop in keyword rankings and traffic. A deeper dive into the websites for their different properties uncovered other improvements that needed to be made to boost their rankings as well as improve other aspects of their sites.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

Identifying Growth Opportunities and Achieving Those Goals

While RRFC had an incredible passion for their students and mentors and a business plan that allowed them to continuously grow over three decades, we saw a tremendous amount of opportunity for improvement. We developed a comprehensive strategy that not only improved search engine optimization but the user’s experience (UX) as well.

Organic search is an important part of lead generation for RRFC, so when their keyword rankings dropped, their conversions followed suit. Our initial strategy focused on local and nationwide SEO for one of their 4 website properties, Recording Connection.

Keyword Research + Building Strategy

Creating opportunities to be “found” requires a unique approach to SEO research and optimization.

Through detailed analysis of their current website environment and On-Page SEO implementation, we identified issues to help Google better understand their value. Through intense Keyword Research, we identified how their audience was searching for what they were offering. Additionally, we optimized their Google My Business local listings for over 140 locations to make sure they were at the top of the list when searchers in their markets looked for their services.

These early updates led to some early gains: Results

Strategy Making Visible Change

Keyword Visibility

When we started working with Recording Connection (RRFC) they were ranked in positions 1-3 on page one of Google for 636 Keywords! Pretty impressive in their own right! With our help, however, we improved that by 36% in six months to 867 Keywords ranked in the top three organic positions of Google’s Page 1 results.

We also added an additional 16,095 keywords for Google to consider ranking them for, an 86% increase in their Keyword visibility.

Know Your Audience

Finding the right customers for your business

SEO improvements were just one piece of the puzzle. Once prospective students found RRFC, what exactly did they find? Did the content speak to them? Was the website easy to navigate? Where was the disconnect between a potential student coming to the site and applying to one of their programs?

We developed a Unique Value Proposition to help crystallize exactly what their audience (and their parents) wanted. We addressed fears, needs, and desires and crafted content to speak to those emotions. We A/B tested CTAs and Hero area changes, unveiled overall design changes, and saw their rankings and leads continually improve.

Designed For Growth

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Today and Tomorrow

After our initial successes, the relationship with RRFC continued to grow, as did the marketing strategy. We began implementing paid search campaigns, using hyper-focused language gleaned from earlier UVP efforts. We then upgraded their social media process as a way to increase both organic and paid results.

At the start, the marketing strategy was focused on SEO and increasing keyword rankings for one of their schools, Recording Connection. Early success earned trust from the clients, and early groundwork allowed us to provide an expanded and fully integrated marketing strategy. We continue to see improvement in the quality of leads with that messaging as well as refining where the leads were coming from so we can concentrate our efforts.

Passion is Infectious

We’re just as happy to see success as you are

Webfor was very excited to work with RRFC because of the passion they held for what they were doing. We thought it was an amazing concept, a more effective method of education for industries that didn’t necessarily need a four-year education to experience success.

We also saw a tremendous amount of opportunity for company growth. We designed a marketing strategy that addressed primary concerns but also allowed for future expansion for their properties as well cursory projects as they were developed.

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