A Quick Guide To Responsive Search Ads

Google loves to keep us on our toes — especially when it comes to ad updates. If you forgot to mark your calendar this time around, no worries! We’ll catch you up with the basics. 

Ad Copy 

If you’re familiar with Google’s previous expanded text ad format, responsive search ads aren’t that much different. They just give you more room to input ad copy, including:

  • 15 headlines (30 characters each) 
  • 4 descriptions (90 characters each) 

Transferring previous ad copy is a great starting point, but take this opportunity to rethink what message you want potential customers to see/associate with your brand. 

Ad Strength 

Google has included an ad strength feature that shows how optimized your responsive search ads are. Essentially, the higher the ad strength, the higher the chance of good performance. The values are as follows:

  • Incomplete 
  • Poor 
  • Average 
  • Good 
  • Excellent 

For the most part, you should be aiming for “Good” or “Excellent” in order to see optimal ad performance. Factors that contribute to rankings are:

  • adding your keywords into the ad copy
  • utilizing headline space
  • creating unique headlines/descriptions

Ad Performance 

Google will use a combination of headlines and descriptions that perform best for your campaign goals (i.e., clicks vs conversions). You can see the performance of your headlines/descriptions by:

  1. Clicking on “Ads & Extensions”
  2. Under the responsive search ad, click “View Asset Details” 

You can compare what combination or individual headlines/descriptions are performing the best and make adjustments to ad copy where need be. 

Google’s latest ad update provides digital marketers with the opportunity to reconsider their approach, test out new ideas, and refresh and reinvigorate any ad campaign.

Webfor is happy to walk you through each step of this process. If you have any questions about responsive search ads and/or Google ad updates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re ready to get to work, and we’re here when you need us.

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