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Get It All With Google My Business

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google-in-my-businessThis week, Google rolled out Google My Business, a major boon that has business owners and SEOs alike jumping for joy. This new tool enables business owners to connect with their customers through search, maps, and Google+ in a fully-integrated manner.

With the desktop, mobile, and Android apps ready to go and the iOS app arriving shortly, users have the chance to dive right into these new features.

The Secret Integration Sauce

There’s a reason we shop at grocery stores: they have all the products we want. With this one-stop-shopping format in mind, Google has created a tool that allows users to access multiple features in one place, all of which enable them to make powerful connections with customers.

These new features allow you to:

  • Make changes to your information on Search, Maps, and Google+, all in one location.

  • Represent your business with eye-catching images and even a virtual tour of your location’s interior to share your business’ unique flavor with others.

  • Share news, events, and images directly from your Google+ page.

  • Monitor and respond to Google review.

  • Use insights and AdWords Express integration to learn and track how users find your business and interact with your page.

Using any new interface can be challenging, but Google My Business packs upgrades that allow you to hit the ground running. The following areas provide standout service for businesses looking to track their online success and reach out to a target audience:

Basic Changes

Google My Business is up and lookin’ fly. To start, the site has a new landing page that introduces these free tools using relaxed, easy-to-understand calls to action, such as “Start a conversation with your people.” The app-switcher can be found in the top-right corner.


Edit Your Business Info

Google My Business allows you to edit settings simply and easily. Specific boxes are designated for fields like contact info, and you can find Help Options both in the Help Center section and toward the bottom of the dashboard under Remove Listing, Report Problems, and Get Help.

Google also allows you to view your business on Google, or preview your business information in Google Search, Google Maps, and on Google+. This feature can provide eye-opening insight into the way users view your listing and how you can make it better.



We all know how important reviews are to rankings. Google My Business now pulls reviews from around the web and provides a place for you to respond to them within the dashboard. You can also look over reviews analytics, which include a color-coded map of the origins of each review and the average star-rating on Google.



Want to get into the nitty gritty? Google My Business makes insights a breeze with visibility, engagement, and audience settings that show you total page views from between 7 days and all time, posts and actions, as well as who is interacting with your business.


Bulk Uploads

Using this new tool, businesses and agencies can now manage information for multiple locations (triple YES for SEOs and Inbound Marketing Specialists). In future, Google plans to launch new functionalities for increasing upload speed and providing social integration.

The Apps

Managing your business on the move? There’s an app for that. Google My Business has launched their app for Android and will release the app for iOSin the next 7-14 days, creating a simple interface through which business owners can monitor their insights and reach out/ respond to potential customers. For more information, check out the Product Forum.


What’s the Same?

So much change! Does nothing stay the same? For those of you who crave a little stability, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you see some familiar standbys, including:

  • Verification by either pin or postcard

  • Google My Business Listings, which is the same Bulk Upload functionality, re-branded.

  • Ownership & management of listings

  • Speed of updates

What the update has changed it has also improved as far as navigability and seamless integration. The ever-present My Business button and drop down menu allow you to toggle easily between sections without getting lost, providing an efficient, pleasant on-page experience directed toward busy, on-the-run business owners.

Google has labored long and hard to cater to businesses, and those efforts may just pay off with the simple, powerful integration of Google My Business. And it won’t stop there. Google is also planning upgrades to Places for Business and the Google+ Dashboard to Google My Business. The bottom line? They’re doing users right by bringing essential tools into one space, and walking their own talk by making user experience a top priority.

Looking for support? Google’s got your back with their Business Help Center and FAQ page.

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