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Search Engine Optimization

Build an organic SEO base that carries you into the future.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)? What can it do for your business?

The SEO experts at Webfor will drive traffic to your website through the careful curation of quality content — not to mention the always alluring use of alliteration.

Web content must do more than just inform. It must delineate and define what distinguishes your business from others. It must inspire readers to dig deeper — to remain on your website, to take action, and to share the information they gather from your content across multiple social media channels.

Quality content + SEO data science = Users who take action!

Webfor excels at figuring out this sort of thing. We’ll hone in on your unique value proposition — in other words, that thing that you do that nobody else does. Then, we’ll harness the power of SEO to draw people to your website.

There’s an old saying (OK, it’s not that old, but it’s definitely tried and true in the relatively new world of search engine optimization): SEO standards may change, but great copywriting remains the same.

Top notch content of the kind Webfor can produce for you and your business is the backbone of organic searches. (It also informs and strengthens web design. More on that later.) When these two creative-slash-scientific titans — copywriting and SEO — join forces, the results can be tremendous.

Think about some of the things that potential customers are asking about your product or service. Let’s say you run a tree service company. You know from your conversations with the SEO folks at Webfor that people are searching for the following:

  • tree removal near me
  • tree service companies near me
  • tree companies near me
  • tree removal companies near me
  • tree cutting service near me

With those organic searches in mind, Webfor can build service pages and content blogs for you that will drive traffic to your site. The exact traffic that was over at Google entering those search queries!

How we break down SEO and content writing.

We will produce content that answers questions posed by web users through their search queries. Everything we write is informed by SEO best practices. In other words, the content we create is informed by data. So not only does it read well, it’s got a muscular SEO backbone that imbues just about every word with the power to attract users who are searching for precisely the products or services your business offers.

Webfor will focus on tons of data to make the most out of the content we create for your website. We pay particular attention to word count, links (internal and external), your site’s web presence, among other things.

Elsewhere on the Webfor site, we’ve done some deep dives into the various types of SEO — e-commerce SEO, franchise SEO, enterprise SEO. Make sure you take a look at those articles to get a fuller picture of just how powerful search engine optimization can be for your website and your business.

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SEO both informs and strengthens web design.

In the modern world, search engine optimization and web design are inextricably linked, especially when we consider search intent and the device on which those searches are conducted.

Think about it: A person may be walking through downtown (insert name of city here) and decide that it’s a good time to take care of that thing they’ve been putting off. Perhaps that thing — whatever it is — happens to be the thing that your business services or produces.

This is where the twin titans of SEO and content writing are most effective. After all, that person is a potential customer who may be searching for your product or service and may just happen to be in your business neighborhood while they’re searching!

People are always on the go these days, multitasking, getting things done. With Webfor, you’ll be sure that your web content is positioned to take advantage of those mobile-using multitaskers in real time.

In fact, as reported by Search Engine Land, “69 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to help them shop. … Of that group, 82 percent had done ‘near me’ searches.”

And — just to drive the point home further — a 2014 study by research firm Ipsos MediaCT found that 56 percent of smartphone searches had local intent. When the study looked at computers and tablets, 36 percent went to a business location. When looking at smartphone searches, that number jumped to 50 percent.

92 percent of Millennials have done “near me” searches, a clear sign that this trend continues its upward trajectory.

69 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to help them shop.

Are you ready to welcome these customers to your business?
Webfor will make sure you are.

A few final thoughts on this exciting SEO landscape — and the exciting future that Webfor will help build for you and your business:

One of the many tasks Webfor will perform on your behalf involves analyzing SEO content through what’s known as competitive analysis.

The good folks at IMPACT have a fine blog on this topic, but for our purposes, let’s focus on competitive analysis as it relates to search engine optimization.

From IMPACT: “With the advent of new software and technology, marketers and business owners have the ability to know more about their competition than ever before. It is extremely important to regularly conduct a thorough competitive analysis in order to stay one step ahead.

Regarding SEO, a competitive analysis will include a focus on several areas of SEO, including exactly how your competition is utilizing keywords in various sections of your site, including page titles, headers, content, images and the URL architecture itself.

Our analysis of market competition will inform Webfor’s decisions about how best to carve out a unique niche for you and your business.

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