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Effective Multi-Location SEO Services That Get You More Traffic

Search engine optimization is all about targeting the right audience that’s searching for businesses like yours. When you have a business with more than one location, implementing an SEO strategy for multiple locations is the most effective way to attract the right audience and boost revenue. Your goal is to increase the profitability of each of your locations. Which, incidentally, is our goal, too.

To do that, you need to partner with a digital marketing agency that can develop and monitor an innovative franchise SEO strategy for multiple locations that includes the latest search techniques designed to edge out the competition.

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While most of these search strategies follow similar SEO best practices whether you own a couple of locations across town or across the U.S., the kind of SEO strategy for multiple locations we do at Webfor is different from other digital agencies.

Services We Provide

Local SEO

Get your small business on the map.

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Nationwide SEO

Enterprise-level SEO services for nationwide businesses.

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Small Business SEO Services

Corner the market in your corner of the world.

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Enterprise SEO

SEO for large scale businesses across the globe.

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E-commerce SEO

Optimizing your
E-commerce site to build online sales.

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Local Listings

Optimize your local listings to help users locate you.

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Analytics and Reports

Reporting and analytics to communicate growth.

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Columbia Precast Products

We grew their online presence by thousands of searches per month resulting in exponential increases to conversions.

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How does multi-location SEO make your business grow?

We have a win-win relationship with our customers because as their business grows, so does ours. Client success is our success, so we treat each business like it’s our own.

Webfor will partner with you to analyze your current online presence, perform a competitive analysis, develop a comprehensive plan to captivate and capture your market, and then work with you to implement that plan.

The entire time, we’re setting up benchmarks and tracking the metrics that matter to you, to make sure we’re headed in the right direction.

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Why Webfor is the perfect partner for your multi-location SEO needs.

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand to improve search engine rankings. Our content writers craft area-specific copy for all your locations, whether they’re found in a single metro area or scattered throughout the country. By creating location-specific service pages for all your business locations, we’re essentially notifying Google of the cities where your business can be found.

In doing so, these cities are correlated with your specific services, which makes it that much easier for relevant audiences searching for those terms to find you. For example, a Portland investment group targeting the keyword phrase “real estate investing Portland OR” will see far more relevant traffic (with less competition) versus “real estate investing.”

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Webfor team member testing multi-location SEO visibility for client

Winning multi-location SEO strategy is at the core of everything we do.

Google Business Profile is critical for any business looking to be found by locals in their area. This business listing platform also works for companies with multiple locations. Our SEO specialists will confirm that the information about each of your business locations is correct and consistent throughout a range of local listing sites.

In addition, we take extra care to ensure that your business category label is accurate across the board. Consistency is key for successful SEO for multiple locations.

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Local SEO for multiple locations.

Whether you’re a local flower shop or multinational franchise, SEO best practices still apply when it comes to achieving strong rankings on search result pages. Webfor utilizes only white-hat SEO tactics that are built into a comprehensive strategy crafted specifically for your business.

From schema markup to competitor analysis and on-page optimization, our SEO strategy for multiple locations is proven to attract organic traffic and increase online conversions. By relying on innovative franchise SEO tactics for all your locations, we can deliver the highest quality local results and grow your bottom line for the long term.

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multi-location SEO reporting

What to expect when working with Webfor

Our team uses a meticulously crafted onboarding process that allows us to get to know you – and vice versa – so we can truly understand what actions will deliver both quick returns and long-term gains. Webfor has a proven track record of crafting successful franchise SEO strategies for multiple locations so you can get found on a local level.

Your best asset is an SEO company with the experience and capacity to strategize, implement, and continually monitor the search performance for each of your business locations. With our team at your side, you’ll become a recognized name in each area you target and remain top-of-mind, allowing you to compete with neighborhood brands, all while building your national credibility.

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