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Analytics Experts Start by Determining Winning KPIs and Goals

One of the first things we do at Webfor after we partner with a client is to determine some key performance indicators (KPI). These are quantifiable and specifically defined metrics — targets or goals — that are critical to a business’ success and that we can track over time.

Types of key performance indicators (KPI) for a website:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Page Views/Pages Per Session
  • Bounce Rates
  • Session Duration
  • Conversion Rate
  • Goal Completions
  • Subscriber Rate
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Downloads
  • Cart Abandonment Rate (for E-commerce sites)
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Notice that these are not so-called “feel-good” metrics, such as Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Those are important and have their place, but what we’re discussing here is data that we can examine over time and that has a direct correlation to the success of a digital marketing campaign and, thus, the business itself.

Some of the KPIs listed above are “vanity” metrics — page views, session duration, bounce rate — which are crucial, but don’t always tell the whole story.

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Local Listings

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Small Business SEO Services

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Insightful Google Analytics Benchmarking and Reporting

Analytics and site-auditing tools allow us to designate and then track any or all of the above-named KPIs — plus a host of others, depending on business needs. At Webfor, we’re constantly scouring data troves to find the most relevant information that helps us determine which direction a digital marketing campaign should turn next.

As conversion rate optimization experts, we can then translate that data into actionable and implementable steps that are likely to keep our clients’ websites attracting visitors and operating at peak efficiency.

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How Google Analytics consulting services get more visibility for what is important

With pinpoint accuracy, Webfor data experts take deep dives into your website’s KPIs, tightening nuts and bolts behind the scenes and polishing the furniture out front. The more data we collect, the more precise we can be with our recommendations.

Better website performance equals a better bottom line for you.

And we’re happy to share the good news! Each month, we’ll invite you to review the data with us. By establishing benchmarks, we can measure your KPI progress over time and across a wide range of data points. We can even establish benchmarks that keep track of your progress versus your market competitors.

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reviewing Google Analytics channel ascquisition reports for client

Reviewing Google Search Console coverage report for client

Why Webfor is the perfect choice for your web analytics services

It all starts with the development of a plan to reach your marketing and overall business goals. Webfor will design and develop a stellar website, increase your ranking in search results, and bring to your doorstep exactly the people who are searching for your product or service.

As The Good reminds us, website benchmarking lets us know “where your website stands in relation” to others in the marketplace. Benchmarking is especially effective at helping us determine what’s trending — both on your website itself and out there in the wider web world.

A modern, clean web design that’s easy to use and understand is critical to your business. As a leading SEO and web design company serving the Portland and Vancouver metro areas, the Webfor team is made up of talented and experienced content writers, SEO specialists, and web designers. Our teams will collaborate to ensure that search, content, and web design are all integrated seamlessly into every facet of your company’s website.

When these factors align, the conversion process brings more leads, more conversions, more sales — and more time for you to focus on innovation and growing your business.

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